Facts That Should Be Considered When Choosing A Moving Company

Facts That Should Be Considered When Choosing A Moving Company

Finding a quality moving company can be a lot more difficult than you might have anticipated. Use these 5 factors to help you find a moving company that can move your entire office or home while giving you peace of mind and the results you deserve. We know that protecting your belongings, or Aunt Sally’s fine China, is of utmost importance along with getting your move done professionally and on time. We hope these tips will help you when deciding if Atmosphere Movers is the company for you.

Use The Best Recommendation

Getting a lot of recommendations can be a hassle and frustrating to go through at once. Ask your friends, relatives, and co-workers if they know of a great moving company. It’s in your best interest to choose the moving company that has the best reviews, rates, and customer service, and customer satisfaction. One thing you should avoid is choosing a moving company solely from recommendations. Conduct research and find information regarding pricing, reviews, and credentials. Atmosphere Movers is proud to be considered a “Yes Ma’am, Yes Sir” company. We take great pride in respecting you, your property and your family.

Choose A Local Mover

Choosing a local moving company can ensure face-to-face business, as well as, avoiding extra mileage fees. Using a local mover, like Atmosphere Movers, gives you the opportunity to visit the business, take a look at their equipment, and get to know the staff. We’ve been locally owned and operated for more than 20 years and are proud to service our community.

Don’t Forget to Get An Estimate

An in-home estimate is what you need. The moving company needs to see the job they will be hired for. At Atmosphere Movers, our team can come to your home and give you the most accurate estimate. It’s best to get an estimate for the specific job that needs to be completed instead of receiving an estimate over the phone. This way, the company can make note of the equipment that needs to be used. We enjoy the process of getting to know you, your home, your property to be moved and making that face-to-face connection really makes a huge difference.

Reviews and Complaints

You should be aware of the reviews and complaints that are left by previous and current customers. Keep in mind that there may be negative reviews which could be a result of a misunderstanding, so read all reviews, good and bad, then make a final decision about hiring a particular company. Take a look at the whole picture and notice if the company, like Atmosphere Movers, cares enough to take a moment to reply. Pick up the phone and have a conversation with Atmosphere Movers – you will experience the difference right there in the beginning.

Keep Records of Everything

It’s important to keep records of everything, especially payments, list of items being moved from your home or office, and the address where you are moving from and moving to. Keeping a record of these transactions makes the moving process and payment easier. Once you receive an estimate, create a budget so you know how much money you can afford to spend on moving. We will help you step by step through the entire process.

Are you planning on moving to or from Louisiana? There is no need to look any further. Atmosphere Movers is here to help. For over 20 years, our veteran-owned business has been providing moving and packing services to the Louisiana area. We love what we do and look forward to helping you. Contact us today to receive the best moving experience!

7 Brilliant Ways to Declutter Your Space

7 Brilliant Ways to Declutter Your Space

After you live in a place for a while, it can accumulate ‘stuff’. People tend to have trouble parting with things, whether it’s a pile of junk mail you’ve been meaning to get to, or clothes you think you might want to wear again someday, or toys you think the kids will want to play with and love again. Look around in your home and you’ll see the clutter. To you, it might look like important things, but to people coming over, it might look like just ‘stuff’. Being buried in clutter can make you feel disorganized.

So, how can you get unburied from the clutter? You’ll have to tackle it in your own way, and despite being busy, you can find the time to get out from underneath the piles. Our New Orleans moving company sees this happen quite often, so we want to help by offering these 11 tips to declutter your life:

1. Commit to one section each day for 30 days. In just one month’s time, you will see a noticeable difference in the cleanliness of your home, but rather than taking on the overwhelming challenge all in one day, you can do a little bit every day. For example, one day you could choose the kitchen cupboards. Another day, you could choose the kids’ closets, and then your closet, the den, etc. until you have done every section of your home. Don’t forget about the garage!

2. Sorting out the piles using the power of 5. Using the above technique, you can slowly sort out those things you’ve been ‘meaning to get to later’. People accumulate clutter because they often have intentions of using it later. Before you start each section, take out 5 pieces of paper and write on each:

a. Keep
b. Trash
c. Donate
d. Sell
e. Put Away

Next, start sorting! Hold up each item and put it on one of the 5 piles you have started. Before you know it, you’ll have everything under wraps. You may also find things you have been looking for that were lost!

3. Follow through. After you make the 5 stacks each day, then you can immediately take the piles away and move them to their designated spots. Take the trash out, bring the donations to the Salvation Army, and relocate the items that are unsightly. Sell items you don’t have use for by using an app such as Facebook Marketplace, eBay or make a yard sale section in your garage to have one after your decluttering experiment is complete.

4. Invest in some pretty boxes, totes or shelving. Sometimes the simple reason people get lost in clutter is because they don’t have anywhere to put it. You can get creative with storage, such as using ottomans that hold toys or stuff inside, and coffee tables with drawers, or entertainment centers with doors, bookshelves, etc. and even totes to hide the messes.

5. Give something away, every day. Not only will you make people happy by doing this, it will help you to get rid of things you are no longer using.

6. Sort out you and your family’s clothes. This is one area that people have a hard time with. People sometimes hang on to their clothes for years, thinking that one day they might wear them again. However, as you dig deep into the back of the closet, you may find some items that you’ve either never worn – or that you wouldn’t be caught dead in – or that no longer fit. Put the clothes you wear most on top and take out everything in the closet (yes, everything!) … then hold it up and decide for each item! It might be time consuming, but your clean closet will be worth the effort!

7. Pretend you have company coming over. Better yet, invite them for a specific day and this will give you a real deadline to get this accomplished! One sure way to get your home looking spiffy is to invite someone important over to your house. It would be embarrassing to have them see a lot of clutter, so this may inspire you to get busy and get cleaning!

Using these methods will certainly make your house look a lot better. If you are moving in Mandeville, New Orleans, Hammond, Covington, or anywhere in Louisiana, the need to declutter has never been more pressing. Atmosphere Movers can help, so contact us for a free estimate today.

12 Things to do When Planning an Out-of-State Move

Moving out of state can feel overwhelming because of all the extra tasks you need to do. When moving locally, you don’t need to change your driver’s license or fill out many new forms that you will need to do when you move to or from Louisiana. Where do you begin?

Our Slidell moving company can help you with the move to another state, as well as throughout Louisiana. We know you have many things to do, so this handy checklist can make your move out of state a little less overwhelming if you tackle each task individually.

Planning is the most time-consuming part of the moving process. If you can, take a trip to the area you are moving to in advance. Line up a place to live and check out the neighborhoods. In another article, we help you to narrow down the best neighborhood to live in and how to find one that fits your new life. It is important to do research and possibly rent, rather than buy a new property to live in.

These are 12 things you should do when planning an out-of-state move:

  • Research the new area. Where will you live? Narrow down some regions that meet your criteria; based on your reason for moving. For example, if you are moving to be close to family, then you will want to choose somewhere that is within a 10 to 15-minute drive. If you are moving for a job, then you want to be within ½ hour commute or less.
  • If possible, start applying to and lining up a job prior to your move. This will make the transition easier to know there will be an income coming in. Updating your resume should also be on the list of things to do.
  • Once you know you are moving, start the process of decluttering, selling or giving away items in your home that you are no longer using.
  • Contact moving companies in LA that can provide you with a fair estimate for the move.
  • Start filling out the necessary paperwork you will need to do prior to your move. The existing lease, mortgage, real estate, moving, and even forwarding of your mail should be done prior to your move.
  • Take care of you and your family’s health and education needs. Line up the school paperwork, doctor’s prescriptions, veterinary records, etc. and take them with you.
  • Give away all the things you are no longer using and get a list of non-allowable items that the moving company in Mandeville cannot take on the truck. (i.e. – plants, chemicals, hazardous materials, etc.)
  • Call utility providers and monthly memberships. You can go through your bank statements to determine who you need to call and what actions need to be made, such as transferring accounts, updating addresses, cancelling gym memberships, etc.
  • Pad your savings account at least a few months prior to your move. Moving is expensive, so you don’t want to leave your finances in a bind when it comes to the moving day.
  • Don’t forget to register your car and update your driver’s license within 30 days after your move. If you get stopped by the police, you may get a ticket if you do not adhere to the local laws, so get familiar with them before you move to the new state.
  • Drive around and get familiar with your new city. Find shortcuts and convenient spots that you will visit frequently, such as coffee shops, grocery stores, etc.
  • Finally, unpack. Start with the essentials first and then move on to the non-essentials. Try to complete this task within a couple of weeks, so that it will make settling into your new place feel more like ‘home’ than the last.

If you haven’t lined up a moving company in Louisiana yet, Atmosphere Movers will be happy to provide you with an estimate. Fill out the Contact Form or call 866-766-8363 to speak with one of our Mandeville moving company reps today.

Helping Your Child Move Away for College

It seems like only yesterday that your little one was just crawling and walking for the first time. Now that your baby is going to college, he or she will be entering a new world of independence. This is a big change for both parents and the college student, yet also an exciting time to celebrate a new chapter in their lives.

Although right now you might just want to cry and be sad about your child leaving, there are some more important things that must be done to prepare for the move. You should be encouraging, uplifting and supportive, just as you have done since your child was very little.

Help your bright, young student plan the move. If you already know which college they will be attending, and you have already completed the applications and paperwork, next you should pay a visit to the campus. Take a tour with your son or daughter and get familiar with the layout. You will especially want to visit the dorm or the apartment they will be living in, and if you haven’t secured that yet, that is the first step.

Next, you will have some things to pack and buy. Have your child sort out the clothes and things they no longer use. If you have time, you can plan a yard sale and use the funds towards buying new things for their new living space. There may be toys, books, clothes and possible other items that they no longer need, but you should try to leave their room open for them just in case they do need to come home. If they have a bad experience, it is important to feel the support of parents and always know they have a safe place to return, including their own bed and a few of their favorite belongings.

Pack the essentials and if needed, you can hire a moving company in New Orleans to move to any college in Louisiana or throughout the US. This is especially important for parents who do not have the room in their personal vehicles to bring a lot of things. A small U-Haul might also work, but you can also contact local New Orleans, Hammond or Covington moving companies to get a quote first.

On the day before moving, pack a survival kit or care kit with the essentials your child will need. Shampoo, phone chargers, a special pillow, favorite snacks, coins for the laundry, drinks, etc. are all good ideas to pack for your college-bound kid.

Most importantly, don’t obsess about your child’s whereabouts. Remember that you were once this age and exploring new freedoms. As tough as it is to let go, you can always let your baby know that you are there for them. If you’re lucky, maybe your college student will choose a place that is not too far from home. At least they could stop by for dinner sometime and visit with the family.

If you decide to use a moving company to help your college-aged child move, Atmosphere Movers can help. We handle small and big moves, so don’t be afraid to ask for an estimate and leave the heavy lifting to us!