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Organizing The Garage: Moving Tips

If you’re moving into a home with a garage for the first time, you more than likely have the excited feeling of having overwhelming amounts of storage. But before you get too fired up, it’s worth mentioning that the extra space can easily be squandered without a real plan for organizing the garage the first time around.
organizing the garage
Sometimes the urge to get the move over with will lead you to direct the movers to simply plop every extra box down straight in the garage. This gets things over with, but at the end you are left with a major task. Instead, organize exactly what you want in the garage and label the outside of the boxes.

Christmas, Easter, and Halloween items can be boxed together and clearly labeled for the garage. Bikes, skateboards and sporting equipment can come next. Any other categories that you could live with being stored out there will do. Doing the work before hand to properly sort and label those items will prevent you from using the garage as an “overflow” room for extra boxes. Instead, it will immediately be used as a functional storage space, that will leave more room for future items.

Another rule of thumb to follow is that delicate and collectable items might be better off inside. There is just something about a garage that makes things age. They end up turning a little dingy if not stored in sealed bins. Save yourself the trouble and make some inside space for items that shouldn’t be exposed to heat or moisture. Those items should be packed and labeled as inside items only to avoid mixing them up.

In short, making sure you have a clear vision for what belongs in the garage will prevent it from becoming a disheveled mess. Start your new home experience out on the right foot and plan ahead.

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