New Orleans St. Patrick’s Day Parades

Screen shot 2016-03-10 at 1.56.07 PMNobody throws a parade quite like New Orleans, and not just during Carnival season! In a city that looks for any excuse to parade, St. Patrick’s Day (or the weekend leading up to it) is the perfect time to find your inner Irish and catch even more goodies! True, you probably don’t need any more plastic beads, but if you’ve never experienced New Orleans St. Patrick’s Day Parades, you are in for a treat!

In addition to beads, you may find yourself catching many items with an Irish flair. Parade goers have been known to catch Lucky Charms cereal, Irish Spring soap, green bubble pipes, and many other whimsical “Irish” items. Ladies, don’t be surprised if you are offered numerous kisses on the cheek, along with a silk carnation. Walkers in these parades are not shy! The most desired catch, however, is a whole, fresh cabbage. If you’re lucky enough to land one or more of these, you may be having Irish stew for dinner. Sure, it sounds a bit weird, but hey, this is New Orleans! .

New Orleans St. Patrick’s Day Parades 

Molly’s at the Market Irish Parade – Friday, March 11, 6:00 PM

This parade, which starts and ends at Molly’s on 1107 Decatur Street in the French Quarter, features riders in carriage “floats,” as well as, marching groups.

Irish Channel Parade – Saturday, March 12, 1:00

The Irish Channel parade features marching groups, bands, and tractor-pulled floats. The route, which has been altered this year due to construction on St. Charles, begins on the corner of Felicity and Magazine.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Metairie Road – Sunday, March 13, 12:00

This family-friendly parade, with tractor floats, bands, and marching groups, begins at Rummel High School on Severn.

Downtown Irish Club Parade – Thursday, March 17, 6:00

While this parade starts on the corner of Burgundy and Piety in the Bywater, it takes its time making its way to Bourbon Street, with several pit stops along the way. Bands, marching groups, and beads are all part of the party.

*As the weekend forecast predicts inclement weather, please check for updates prior to heading out to parades.