Ten New Orleans Recipes For Your Housewarming Party

You just moved into your dream home and you can’t wait to show it off to family and friends. Here are ten great New Orleans recipes for your housewarming party, that will be sure to please your guest.

ten new orleans housewarming party recipes

1. Roast Beef Po’Boys – cut your bread into mini sandwiches and you have the perfect New Orleans finger sandwich for your guest.

2. Red beans and rice are always a favorite. This slow cooker recipe looks easy to fix and forget while you prep for your party.

3. Cut up some French bread into dipping size pieces and make this hot pepperoni muffuletta dip.

4. Or make up a recipe of BBQ Shrimp to go with that French bread!

5. This spicy crab dip would also be perfect with French bread, or you could just make all three dishes!

6. Everyone loves chicken wings, and these grilled Cajun wings will be a crowd pleaser!

7. Don’t forget dessert! How about some mini beignets?

8. Or these yummy pecan praline bars?

9. Or some classic bread pudding for your guest to enjoy?

10. A classic hurricane to wash all that yummy food down will help your guest get into a festive party mood!

Congrats on your new home and have fun celebrating with your family and friends. Need help packing or moving to your new home in or around the New Orleans area? Call  (866) 7MOVE-ME / (866) 766-8363, email Info@AtmosphereMovers.com, or fill out this form for a FREE quote!