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New Orleans Moving Company with Summer Moving Tips!

New Orleans Moving company

A professional New Orleans moving company such as Atmosphere Movers knows how to beat the heat and make a transition as easy as possible. We have created the following tip sheet to help you with your move. Whether you are relocating your office, residence, antiques or art and making a local move or coming in from another state, we have amazing moving tricks to make it simple.

Reserve Your Moving Date ASAP

The summer is the most common time to move and the longer you wait, the less chance you have of nabbing your date. Reserving Atmosphere Movers as early as possible allows you to plan and ensure that you will be able to move when you need to. We always try to work with you, but summers book quickly! If your weekend is taken, try a weekday move. Having professionals on hand is a big stress relief when it comes to relocating. Moving yourself can certainly be done, but why make the transition more stressful? Atmosphere Movers is a New Orleans moving company offering competitive rates and treat your possessions as if they are our own.

A move is a great time to organize and reduce clutter. Go through your stuff and set aside stuff to donate, for a yard sale or both! You will carry around less stuff and make your move and transition into your new space a fresh one.

Set Up Your Utilities In Advance
It is hot out there. As experienced New Orleans movers, we know summer means heat waves in excess of 90 degrees. Call your utility department and have your services turned on prior to the move. This way, you will ensure that you have AC, water and power. If you are moving locally, often times utility departments will allow you to have two accounts active and schedule turn on/shut off dates in advance.

New Orleans Moving companyBe Prepared
Hire us to pack your belongings! We offer full service and even white glove care for your possessions. We truly care about our customers and that is why we have 95 percent return customers! If you choose to pack yourself, make sure it is all done when moving day arrives, so we just have to worry about loading the truck. This will reduce your move time and make everything less stressful.

Organize and Plan
Take pictures of your new space and pack boxes according to where they go. Use a color code system, number system or just simply write “kitchen” so that your stuff can be easily located in a pinch (everyone packs something they need!), moved and unpacked.

Other Moving Tips

  • Stay hydrated! It’s hot out there!
  • Start early, before prime time heat hits.
  • Make sure pets and kids are comfortable and out of the way. Arrange care prior to your move.

Ready to go? Atmosphere Movers is a New Orleans moving company, offering services to any part of Louisiana. Give us a call now for your free quote: 866-7MOVE ME