home security check

New Home Security Check

Once you’ve reached the point that all of your belongings are in your new home, it’s time to settle in. For some, that could mean a cocktail and a nice meal, for others it means scrambling to unpack. But there are some heads of household out there who won’t rest until they do a nice, thorough home security check.home security check

Sometimes installing and paying for an alarm service is not enough. Doing a full walk through and having a safety discussion with family members is the wisest choice. Moving into a new home means new safety routines need to be established, so it’s worth doing a run through first.

Windows. If you’re moving into a home built in the last few years, this issue isn’t as critical. But in many areas with historical appeal like Baton Rouge, you may have chosen to relocate your family into a house built several decades ago. Granted, many have been renovated and restored, but that doesn’t mean a good window check won’t hurt. Simply push up on the frame of all of the windows–while locked–to see if the locking mechanisms are doing their jobs. Speak to all capable family members about window security, and consider installing pegs that prevent windows from opening wide enough for a body to slide through.

Door latches. Sometimes a deadbolt isn’t enough. It’s worth installing a third lock at the top of each exterior door. These are great for overnight security. Sure, they won’t stop a determined criminal, but they will give you and your family time to react as the bad guys either retreat, or struggle to enter. In some cases, that is enough time to secure a weapon or make a critical 911 call. Remind each member of the household to double-check top door latches to keep them locked over night and while home to prevent home invasions.

Garages and sheds. A garage door may seem hard to open once it has automatically closedy, but it should never be used in place of a strong exterior door. It’s easy to become complacent about the door leading to the garage, but this is a critical security point. It is worth installing yet another tertiary lock in these doors, because many criminals know the garage is a weak point. Sheds not only contain valuable equipment, but can be an easy place for the bad guys to hide. Keep them secured and locked with strong keyed padlocks to avoid giving someone an opportunity.

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