Find Your Must Have Locations: Moving Tips From Experts

Don’t Let Necessities Slip During Your Move

Find your must have locations and you will be set! There are local places you must find prior to your move, and the time invested before hand will pay off in a big way.

You will run through the gamut of stress during your move, so don’t make things worse by showing up at your new digs without a clue where your “must-haves” are. Once the truck is unloaded, and you close the door behind you, your favorite “go to” places won’t necessarily be local to you anymore. It’s time you get rooted in the new neighborhood — even if it’s just across town from your old place!

1) Quick food

Let’s be honest, after a long day of moving, you aren’t going to be thrilled about breaking out all of the pots and pans to cook for you and the family. Instead, find something quick (yet edible) that you can put on the table. Pizza, Chinese — whatever sounds good. Just look up the number and write it down before you find yourself tired and hungry at the end of the day. This is a definite must have location!

2) Drug Store

There is always that one inopportune moment when you need an over the counter medication or even a first aid item. Don’t get caught without the basics. Locate the nearest pharmacy before making the move, just in case.

3) Hardware Store

Even if you aren’t exactly a handy person, it is wise to find the nearest hardware store prior to moving. Whether you need wall mounting hardware for your television, pictures, or shelving, you might feel the itch to set it up the night you move it! Why wait, make your vision a reality and find the hardware store so you can head out to begin decorating ASAP.

4) Grocery Store

The basics for every household are the same. Dish soap, laundry detergent, scrubbies, the list goes on — but it isn’t quite a household without them. You may feel motivated enough to strike out and fill your kitchen and bathrooms with the basics the night you move in. Or maybe the very next morning you will load up your hatchback with the necessary goodies. Either way, finding a good grocery store near you will take care of the basics.

What are your must have locations? Did we get them all?

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