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Moving Your Home Garden

The mere concept of this entry is absurd on the surface. Moving your home garden from one home to another may not even sound necessary to some, but for the serious gardener, it’s simply unacceptable to leave it all behind.

Notify Agent or Buyer. Imagine this scene: you pull up to your newly purchased home and here is a gaping hole or two in the front yard. Not a pretty picture. It’s wise to contact the appropriate people to make sure that the potential buyers are aware that a plant may be missing when they move in. moving home garden

Planning. You must plan far in advance to make it work. One particular gardening blogger mentioned that it took nearly a year of thinking ahead and planning to successfully move some of her most prized plants. She actually cut and planted samples of each type of hedge she wanted so that it would be ready at the new home, for example.

Diagram. It may be helpful to visit the new home you plan to move to, or to at least get a diagram of the property. This will help you to plant things where you would like them without any surprises. It’s also important to know if there will be any removal of the existing plants.

Moving and storage. Many experienced gardeners known how to transport plants. If it’s a potted plant, it’s much easier. Digging up a large, unpotted plant means some labor, and care will be needed. Rather than destroying the root system, you must dig up a large enough portion of the plant for it to survive. The roots then must be wrapped in plastic bags to prevent too much moisture loss or exposure to heat.

Best of luck!