Moving Your Fish: Don’t Lose Nemo

Moving your ordinary boxes, furniture, and clothing are pretty simple. With proper planning and execution, it can be done with relative ease. But there is one thing than can complicate the move: animals. Moving your fish can be a challenge, but is not impossible.

Whether they be bunnies, iguanas, or even just plain old goldfish, it’s usually your responsibility to move them. The last thing you want to do is break little Johnny’s heart by showing up at the new house with a lifeless fish. Avoid the heartache and learn how to properly move a fish tank.

1) Carefully take the fish out of the tank with the proper hand-held net. Place the fish in a sturdy plastic bag, but be sure to leave some air in the top part of the bag. This will get you to your destination without losing the little guys.

2) Avoid feeding them until they are settled again. The stress of being placed in the smaller bag and jostled around usually ruins their appetite.

3) Carefully remove the rocks and decorations from your fish tank for reuse. Rinse these items, then wrap them in quality bubble rap to avoid damage. After all, familiar surroundings will put your fish at ease when you release them back into the tank, so handling those items with care is a must.

4) When everything is said and done, and you arrive at your new destination it’s time to see how the fish will do back in the tank. The smart thing to do is give the tank a thorough cleaning, then put in fresh water and run the filter for a while. Eventually you can let the fish back in so that they aren’t in shock.

Good Luck!

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