Moving With Young Children: Moving Tips

Moving with children

Moving Tips For Young Children

Ah, moving with young children…Depending upon their age, kids can make moving heaven or hell. Sometimes, they will want to help pack, because they enjoy using the tape dispenser (no, seriously). Other times, they will sit back and watch you go bananas trying to get the house together. But the really young ones might actually need to be prepped for the concept so that they don’t feel like their world is coming to an end — literally.

From pre-schoolers all the way up to the late elementary age, moving means something. It means their world is changing. Even if you are simply taking a skip and a jump across town, it is a big deal. Stability is a very critical thing for children — whether they will admit it or not. They might smile through the move, have fun finding knick-knacks that they had forgotten about, but you are forming the person they will become because of what “home” means to them.

Prepare Kids For The Big Day

For those very important reasons, you must do what you can to prepare them for the big day. If they are five and under, take the time to find some decent moving books. There are tons of books about youngsters moving with their families. Some of the children’s authors have gone to great lengths to provide great short stories about moving from the child’s perspective. It can help soothe anxiety and hopefully work to get them excited about the process.

Take the time to talk to them about why you are making the transition. Explain the benefits of the new locale, whether it be a better job, more time with the family, a shorter commute, or just plain life changes. Don’t underestimate their ability to understand why you’re moving. Most children are very intuitive, so don’t let them become a background item during your laborious move.

Get Kids Involved

Find creative ways to get the young children involved. Explain to them that they will have their own space at the new home, and that you will make sure all of their favorite belongings will be there when they arrive. Get them to help you pack a few of their boxes. Maybe stuffed animals or toys — whatever they routinely play with — you can have them place into boxes and explain that it will be transported to the new place.

Keep  Them Occupied

Finally, perhaps buy something inexpensive for moving day to keep them occupied. A puzzle game, a new truck — whatever they enjoy — to help make the transition as smooth as possible for the most impressionable members of the family; our beloved children.

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