Moving With Pets

Are you worried about moving your pets to a new home?

Your pet is your companion, your best friend, your furbaby! Moving can be super stressful on them. You are taking them out of their comfortable, well-known environment.  Then you are traveling, in a fun car or scary plane, to a place with new smells, new sounds…basically a whole new world.  Unfortunately we can’t explain that this is harmless, that we aren’t leaving them, that the whole family is going and we are here to stay.  We just have to do our best to make our pets comfortable using what we can.

Here are five tips we’ve compiled to help making moving day with your pets as stress free as it can be for them and you!

Five Tips for Moving WIth Pets

Five Tips for Moving with Pets

1. Keep them on their regular routine up until moving day. Take your daily walk, keep them on the same diet. Keep everything familiar.

2. Make sure your pets medical records are up to date and they are current on their shots. Have these with you in your DO NOT pack box so they are easily accessible.

3. Buy a comfortable carrier for long car rides. Allow your pet to get used to their carrier before leaving. Don’t let your pet ride loosely in the car with outside some type of restraint. This is a hazard for you and them. Also crate your pet while the movers are moving your furniture and boxes so they don’t escape.

4. If transporting your pet across country seems too much for you, find a reliable pet transport service. These services will transport your pet for you in a safe way.

5. If you are moving locally, it’s better to find a friend to take your pet for a few days or even board them in a reliable kennel. It’s better to have them out-of-the-way and safe than underfoot! Ask your vet and other pet owners for more recommendations!

We love pets and hope your move is safe and less stressful! Moving in New Orleans? Call (866) 7MOVE-ME / (866) 766-8363, email, or fill out this form for a FREE quote from Atmosphere Movers!