Moving Your Wine Collection


Moving Your Wine Collection

Moving your wine collection can be tricky. We can help! Not only can Atmosphere Movers package and move your wine collection, we came up with some tips to help you make sure it gets to your new home undamaged.  Before you proceed you should check the laws in your new home state. In some states it’s illegal to transport alcohol across state lines.

Then you need to decided how you are going to move your wine. The best time of year to move or ship wine is during the early spring or late fall. UPS and FedEx will not ship wine from non-licensed shippers, but there are several companies that handle wine shipping. Just for reference, one box of wine weighs approximately 35 pounds. So keep that in mind when you consider shipping your wine to your new home. Some moving companies like Atmosphere Movers will move your wine. It may be better to move your small collection in your personal vehicle for climate control purposes.

After you have decided how you are  going to move or ship your wine to your new home, you should get an appraisal from a certified wine appraiser. You should also check into insurance for your collection. This may be covered under your homeowners policy or you may need to purchase extra insurance. Take pictures and make a detailed list of your collection before packing for insurance purposes.

Now it’s time to pack your wine. It is suggested that corked wine be moved on its side or upside down to keep the cork wet. They make special padded boxes for moving and shipping wine. You can also ask local bars or alcohol stores for “cell” boxes that their wines and liquor come in to keep the bottles from hitting each other during transport. You should also wrap each bottle with newspaper, bubble wrap, brown lunch bags etc for extra protection. Remember do not pack open bottles of wine.

Once you get to your new home, check out your collection to make sure it has all arrived perfectly. If it has, let it rest for seven days, as being bounced around while moving can hurt the wine. After the seven days are over, open up a bottle and enjoy!

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