Moving Tips – Your First College Apartment

first college apartmentThere isn’t anything quite like the first big move from your parents house. You’ve got your skateboard, your computer, some clothes, shoes — and that’s about it. But most importantly, you’ve got the hopes and aspirations of your entire family on your shoulders (no, really).

So what’s a strapping young person to do? Well, there are plenty of things to consider when attempting to move into your first apartment, but when it’s going to serve as the home base for your great enlightenment as a college freshman, there are a few special things to consider.

First, make sure that you get there in time! Many college apartments have a check in time for Fall residents. It sounds like they are babying you, but they are trying to secure leases, and you don’t want to have an issue. Get there, then worry about finding the party!

Next, food. Yes, food. Mama is not around to cook your favorite meal anymore, and dad is nowhere to be found with his grill. It’s up to you. Sure, they sent you with a bunch of groceries, and if you’re like our local students at LSU in Baton Rouge, they melted in the humidity. Now you need to Google your way into some cheap, good eats.

Third is basic resources. You can’t rely on that Saturday grocery run that mom always did. Now you need to find a store nearby to the important things to keep you going. You can only eat Ramen for so long. You need some sustenance for that world takeover you have planned.

Another biggie, is household basics. You will need scrubbies for dishes and countertops. Dish soap. Laundry detergent, trash bags, and heck, even a vacuum. Those things that have always magically appeared in the pantry or around the house won’t be there when you move in. Get them at a local store, and keep your apartment fresh for any visitors that you want to impress.


During your freshman year, you just might put things off until the last minute. There will be plenty of difficult choices. Go to the party where the nice looking guy in your class will be, or stay home to study for that test you have later in the week? Those things will eat at you. But as you ponder them, know that a strong latte will help you perk up for a good study session. Find a good coffee shop and get to know them. It will come in handy when it’s cramming time.

There are lots of things to consider when moving into your college apartment, but many of them are handled by Atmosphere Movers. The rest, is up to you!