Packing Tips The Attic

Moving Tips: Packing the Attic

The attic, like the garage is filled with family heirlooms, unused items and decorations.  It’s probably the one room of the house that most people do not want to pack. Here are some moving tips that help make packing the attic a lot easier.

Moving Tips Packing the Attic

1. Sort and Purge: Go through everything in your attic. Is it valuable? Do you love it? When is the last time you used it? Go through each box and decide what you can sell and donate.

2. Watch Your Step: Attic stairs can be steep, and more than one person has gone through a ceiling by stepping in the wrong spot. Wear closed toe shoes, be sure to watch your step on the stairs, especially with heavy boxes, and be careful not to step on the sheetrock or insulation.

3. Stay Hydrated and Cool: Here in Southern Louisiana our weather is warm most of the year and your attic is going to be hotter than your house and the air outside. Be sure to drink lots of water and if you feel yourself getting overheated, take a break and cool off for a bit.

4.  Delicate Items: Bring delicate items down before packing. When you pack them, treat them like you were packing china. Lots of bubble wrap and cushion.

5. Clothing: Out of season or outgrown clothing can be packed in vacuum sealed bags to save room and keep out dust and bugs.

6. Hire Help: Hire Atmosphere Movers to pack and move your attic for you. Let our professional movers do the job so you can stay safe and cool! Call us at (866) 7MOVE-ME / (866) 766-8363, email, or fill out this form for a FREE quote and more information.