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Why a Veteran Owned Business Matters in Mandeville, LA

Why a Veteran Owned Business Matters in Mandeville, LA

August 17, 2019

When many people think of Veterans, they think of the service and dedication to our country. However, there are many more characteristics of a Veteran that make them so special, especially as business owners. Atmosphere Movers is one of the few moving companies in Mandeville, LA that is veteran owned, and we are proud of it.

So, why do Veteran Owned Businesses matter so much?

Because of their unique training, Veterans have often adopted highly productive skills and habits. They’re often early risers with strong work ethics and have a high aptitude for service. Veterans are used for structure and organization, and depending on the branches of the military they have served, there may be other talents not mentioned. For example, the owner of Atmosphere Movers served in the Marine Corps of the military. Because of this, he has been able to learn skills of leadership, respect and loyalty. Veterans also typically have a serving spirit, which they have garnered from many years of serving the United States within their respective branches of the military.
This serving attitude carries through in the customer service aspect of our business. Customers who are searching for a moving company in Mandeville can expect a high level of dedication, problem-solving ability, and punctuality. These are all traits that former military professionals display.

Not only does this impact our customers who need a reliable moving company, but also its employees. Just like in the military, rewards are given to those employees who go above and beyond to serve the customers. We believe that recognition is an important component of any smart organization, for without hard-working staff, where would we be? Our employees are also trained to adopt similar military habits and traits that make us successful.

Veteran owned businesses often have a “mission” with the primary target of taking care of its customers. Our moving company in Mandeville strives to serve the citizens of our community, as well as throughout New Orleans and the rest of Louisiana, with a driven, customer-centric mindset. Let us move you from your old home to your new one. Contact Atmosphere Movers to start your move in Mandeville, LA and beyond!

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