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Top Reasons To Hire A Professional Mover

by Atmosphere Movers

November 23, 2020

Before You Plan To Move Yourself, Here’s The Reasons You Should Hire A Professional Mover

Who wouldn’t want a smooth and stress-free move? After all, moving is meant to be an exciting point in our lives—allowing us with the opportunity to our lives, get a fresh start, and re-organize our belongings in the way we want. The best way to leverage this change is to celebrate the transition with a hassle-free move. Professional moving services can help you achieve that smooth transition so that you can focus on making the most out of your brand-new start. The typical relocation process consists of a flurry of decisions, actions, and movements to be made on a tight schedule. For example, moving dates and packing schedules need to be planned, items need to be sorted, packed, sold, stored, or donated, and real estate plans need to be arranged—just to name a few.

The atmosphere movers moving truck rolling into Covington / Mandeville / New Orleans / Metairie / Baton Rouge


The Best Way To Get You (And Your Stuff) There!

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make, however, has to do with the actual physical task of moving your belongings. Should you call up a couple of buddies and handle the move yourself from start to finish, or hire full-service movers to lend a hand with reliable moving and storage services? Packing services and furniture assembly are just some of the perks you can take advantage of when choosing to work with a professional moving company. However, the real benefit to hiring professional movers is the burden-free, no-stress experience they offer—and the relief of knowing your moving project will be on schedule and in good hands.

Reasons to Hire Professional Movers

Below are some of the benefits that professional moving services can make for your next relocation.

1. Physical Strain

It might seem simple enough to move a couple of boxes or pieces of furniture. However, you are probably not prepared to move an entire house full of items – no matter how achievable it may seem! Don’t risk a back injury lifting bulky items such as a sofa, bed, or credenza versus trained professionals to do the work for you. They have the experience, equipment, and stamina needed to take care of the heavy lifting.

2. Time-Saving Options

Your time is valuable, especially when you’re trying to wrap everything up at your old place before you make the journey to your new home. Instead of worrying about the packing and moving logistics, your time should be spent on the important things – getting your family prepared for new schools and jobs and saying goodbye to your friends. Choose a comprehensive mover that can take care of the physical move from providing your packing supplies to placing the last item in your home while you take care of everything else. Plus, you can take comfort in knowing that your move date is scheduled and backed by movers who will be on time and will handle any last-minute details. Hiring a moving team will give you peace-of-mind. From the moment that you call, a scheduler will oversee your entire move including closing dates being adjusted last minute, inventory changes, and pieces that may seem easy to relocate but are surprisingly difficult.

Keep Your Valuables Safe And Secure During Moving

3. Cost

While moving or packing yourself is often thought to be a cheaper moving solution, hiring professional movers can often save you money and unforeseen errors in time delays as well as your sanity in the long run. From renting a moving truck to damaging your furniture or property because you don’t have the right equipment, there are many unforeseen factors that may cause your moving costs to skyrocket. Not to mention, you’ve probably got a “real job” and you may be sacrificing your hourly wages or personal time to do the move yourself and potentially injuring yourself in the process, aggravating your family by trying to cut cost that create relationship tensions between partners as well as expecting your friends with the burden to help and so on.

4. Accountability

Not only do we move locally here in Mandeville, Covington, Metairie and New Orleans, Atmosphere Movers is also a nationwide mover. As a nationwide mover, we’re required to carry comprehensive insurance policies that address any liability issues that arise. Furthermore, we update our annual Department of Transportation to be compliant with all local state and government laws. We are the sole contractor for LSU’s Science Department for all relocations which gives proof to our professionalism not only with licensing and insurance but also with our reputation for excellence in transportation services. The best part is that if the worst happens, it’s covered when you choose professional movers instead of relying on yourself, friends and family or cheaply hired labor on an hourly basis. We guarantee flat rates based on inventory and provide a contract to cover all clients so that they are not charged for delays that happen unfortunately in moving.

5. Safe Driving

When you consider the actual transportation of your belongings to the new place, the moving process is often much safer with drivers who are familiar with the roads and trucks and maintain a legal license to relocate household good. Our drivers are not only familiar with our moving equipment but they are experts in their industry. All drivers Employed with Atmosphere Movers have been on our team a minimum of 3 years before driving any freight. Our best drivers have 16 years under their experience with our company solely. We ensure they can handle any client items before advancing to the driver position. All drivers lead a crew of 2-20 guys (depending on the move). No employee on our team is cheaply hired help. They are paid the same fair wages no matter if your move takes 10 hours or 2 hours. The office staff communicates with all drivers on all jobs to ensure our clients get the best services possible so there will never be a middleman or someone contracting your move out.

Consider a Full-Service Moving Team

You should consider a full-service moving team that’s locally owned and operated. This helps to ensure they have the qualifications and standards to move your items safely from point A to point B. Flat rate, full-service movers also reduce delays and reduce the chance that your bill will increase for unforeseen situations.

Professional Packing Service

Most moving companies offer full-service moving and storage services, including packing and unpacking options as part of their quote or affordable add-on. Packing service will save you hours of pondering through cabinets or cupboards of old memories which often causes delays and may add to the emotional toll of closing one door to open the next. Our professional packing team are dispatched when you book packing services through Atmosphere Movers. This is typically executed the day before your movers show up to move the heavy items. They wrap all crystal ware, delicate items, and nick-nacks safely in paper and bubble wrap. Once placed in Atmosphere Movers exclusive recycled boxes, your items will be packed, along with your other belongings, safely onto the moving truck. Our moving clients rave about the time saved when using our packing services.

Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly

Taking apart your home’s furniture and putting it back together in your new location can take hours and often causes additional frustration. Leave this task to your movers who have the experience and tools necessary to get the job done quickly while you settle in. They will disassemble and reassemble all items. You can leave your cloths and contents in dressers and cabinets. The moving team will wrap them saving even more time.

High-Quality Wrapping, Custom Crating, and Moving Supplies

Remove the stress of finding the right supplies for a DIY move and have the movers do it for you.

Proper Moving Equipment

Professional movers have all the right equipment—not just whatever is handy. This includes hoisting straps, drills for disassembling and reassembling furniture, safe jacks, custom crating when required, multiple dollies of different configurations, ramps, pulleys, cushions, and more.


No matter how carefully you’ve choreographed your move, sometimes unexpected changes can interfere with your moving timeline. When this occurs, your belongings can be left in limbo. When you have professional movers with warehouse & storage spacing -you can take advantage of excellent short- and long-term storage solutions as well as storage-in-transit so you can relax while you wait for everything to arrive.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Local Covington or New Orleans Mover?

While there are several factors that affect your moving price, the largest factor is inventory and distance. Are you moving from Mandeville to Covington? Are you moving from Covington to New Orleans? Are you moving from New Orleans to Folsom? Or maybe you’re moving out of Louisiana. Moving from one city to another is considered a “local move” while moving out of Louisiana (out of state) is considered a “long-distance move” or interstate move. The distance from point A to point B will be a large factor in determining your moving cost. Secondly, how much inventory are you relocating? Are you moving a 2-bedroom home or a 5000 Square foot home? Inventory will affect your moving cost whether you choose an hourly mover or flat rate moving company. Flat rate prices guarantee a set and true fixed price for your entire move while an hourly quote can add stress to the relocation process while you watch the hours tick by especially if the movers are inexperienced.

Before You Hire A Professional Mover

While you’re shopping around for prices on moving from local moving companies. Here are a few things to consider BEFORE you decide to hire:

Do they charge by the hour or do they offer a “flat-rate” move?

Atmosphere Movers completes an on-site moving evaluation to determine a “flat-rate moving price.” This is summarized in a detailed contract to ensure staff are prepared for all aspects of your move. It also ensures you are legally protected for a safe and controlled moving rate. Our flat rate is one of the reasons we can boast about an 80% client retention rate – well above the national average for moving companies. You will benefit the most from a flat rate move because you’ll never be charged for unforeseen delays (traffic, employee breaks, staffing changes, weather, etc). The rate that Atmosphere Movers sets for you is what you’ll pay to move your inventoried belongings.

If moving locally, are the movers local?

While this may seem like a small factor, many franchise moving companies sub-contract their moving services and the sub-contract moving staff are not from your area. This means that you could be charged extra for employees that get lost on the drive or for inexperienced help in a difficult and challenging industry. Atmosphere Movers is a locally owned moving company that screens, hires, and trains local moving team members who are familiar with the highways, byways, and dirt roads that make up Covington, Mandeville, New Orleans, and Southeast Louisiana.

What kind of reputation does this moving company have?

Before you hire the movers, check out the company’s online reviews. See if the company has a website. Check to see if there have been any complaints filed with the BBB. Check your states approved carries for household goods as well as complaints made. Check your states Secretary for Business filings to ensure the Moving Company you chose is up to date with their filings and not providing false information to populate in the area that they are not located. While you’re sure to find a few negative reviews on any active, professional mover that completes thousands of moves per year, the overall rating should be 4 stars or above. Check out our client reviews.

With everything added up, it’s clear that hiring a trusted local moving (and nationwide mover) outweighs the benefits of handling the move by yourself. Save yourself the stress and health hazard and start requesting a Free Quote from Atmosphere Movers to get a head start on your next move. We’ll do an onsite evaluation of your move which helps you plan the move and coordinate what stays, what goes, and what kind of moving challenges we’ll help you overcome.

Request a Free Quote from Atmosphere Movers. What do you have to lose? You already know you’ll save time, save money, and save your back! Get your quote today from Atmosphere Movers

-Atmosphere Movers: Moving You Into A Better Tomorrow


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