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Top 5 Moving Tips to Save Money

Top 5 Moving Tips to Save Money

January 6, 2020

Relocating to a new home can be exciting yet distressing time of your life. If you are a typical American family, you will have lived in your current home for more than a decade, and adjusting to a new environment can be quite an emotional and life-changing experience. But that’s not all—moving can be quite costly, and your moving expenses can easily spiral out of control if not well-managed.

Whether you are moving across the country or heading just down the street, here are top five practical tips to make the process less stressful, less hectic and, most importantly, less expensive for you.

1. Weed out your junk: most of us are guilty of being quite the hoarder, and moving time reveals the mountain of miscellaneous possessions we have accumulated through the years. And that’s not exactly a good thing because moving companies base their fees on several factors including cargo weight and the number of vehicles used in the process. An upcoming move offers you a good opportunity to finally get rid of items that you don’t need. You can sell your unused items at Varagesale or donate them to a charitable organization such as the Metropolitan Center for Women and Children. Many charitable organizations will come to your house and take away your unwanted belongings for free, and you can get a nice tax deduction if you itemize them in your income tax returns.

2. Utilize things in your home for packing: you can find materials in your home to pack your items at no cost! Use things like old newspapers, towels, and blankets to wrap breakable items. Suitcases are a great way to move clothing and books. If you plan to move in the future, start saving large boxes whenever you buy stuff. You can also get a generous supply of free packing boxes from grocery stores, offices, and drug stores – all you need to do is ask! Copy-paper boxes are ideal for moving because of their robust build and are just the perfect size for most household items. If you do run out of boxes, don’t worry – Atmosphere Movers has them on hand if you need to pick some up!

3. Shop around for a reputable moving company: although some people prefer taking a DIY approach when it comes to moving, you still must pay for car rental, gas, food and drinks for your friends. In many cases, some of your items are also likely to end up damaged due to improper packing or poor handling. There are reputable local moving companies that can save you a lot of hassle in the moving process by doing a much more professional job in much less time. Start shopping for a professional moving company about two months before you move.

4. Hire packers: packing yourself can save you some money, but is usually not a good idea if you are going to hire a moving company. Moving companies do not insure boxes they have not packed themselves, which increases the risk that you will end up getting hit with any damages that happen to your belongings. Packing also takes up a lot of time, and trying to rush the process frequently ends up doing more harm than good. Let the moving company pack everything–it will save you plenty of time and allow you to rest easy knowing they have your back in case of any mishaps.

5. Move during offseason: most people tend to move when children are on summer vacation. Consequently, moving companies are busiest during summer months. You can get better rates by moving during the offseason between September and May, or by moving during a weekday instead of doing it over the weekend.

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