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Top 21 Things People Forget When Moving

Top 21 Things People Forget When Moving

May 5, 2018

Once you finally reach your new residence after moving, you wouldn’t be the first person to say, “Where is my…?” or “I forgot my…” and you can fill in the blank with any number of things. Our New Orleans, LA moving company frequently gets calls from customers after completing a move. They sometimes ask if we remember seeing a certain item or two during the moving process. So, rest assured, you are not losing your mind. Almost everyone forgets things when moving, as there are certainly a lot of details to remember.

Below, you will find a mini checklist of commonly forgotten items and tasks that should be done prior to and during your move.

• Coffee Makers: That last cup of coffee on moving day could make you totally forget to unplug and pack the coffee maker. Bring the mug, too; you’re going to need it!

• Mail: Don’t forget to put a forwarding date on your mail and turn it in at your local post office. Also, check your mailbox once last time right as you leave the driveway.

• Items/Prescriptions in Medicine Cabinet: Did you remember to clear out the medicine cabinet and bring your toothbrushes and toothpaste?

• Tools: You may have used the hammer to do some last-minute repairs, or the screwdriver to take your pictures off the wall. Don’t forget to pack these when you are finished.

• Phone/Device Wall Chargers: These also get used right up until the last second of moving, but don’t forget to take it out of the outlet and put it in your car.

• Records: Be sure to check every drawer to keep your personal records with you. This would be detrimental!

• Hidden Valuables: Do you have a safe or nook that you store jewelry and other valuables or cash? You will kick yourself if you forget these things, so do a double and triple check to make sure you have not left any valuables behind.

• Library Books or Movie Rentals: Don’t forget to return your Red Box movie and library books, as well as any other borrowed items that you might be charged with later.

• Toilet Bowl Cleaners, Plungers and Wastebaskets: These small, yet yucky accessories often get forgotten simply because they are the last thing on people’s minds when they are packing to move.

• Dry Cleaning: Make sure to pick up any items you have left at the dry cleaner, as well as tailors, repair places, pawn shop items, etc.

• Lamps/Lights: They seem like they fit in with your décor, so often people forget lamps and clip-on lights, etc.

• Outdoor Items: Kids’ bicycles, scooters, lawn toys and items underneath or near your home often get forgotten because people focus more on packing the interior and put less emphasis on the exterior. Don’t forget to check outside and the parameters of your yard/lawn to make sure everything comes with you.

• Canceling Memberships: It can be costly to discover months after you move that you are still being charged a monthly fee for health clubs, country clubs, tanning facilities and other places where monthly memberships are required. Most gyms will cancel or transfer your membership if you are moving, if it is possible to do so. You may be able to get out of the contract if you explain that you are moving to a city that does not offer their services.

• Plants: Rather than packing the plants, sometimes the homeowners leave them behind. It is better to give away or donate the plants, as they may not get watered and cared for if you move away.

• Pets: Make sure your pets come with you. Cats are especially known to run away when they sense change – such as packing moving boxes, etc. – so they may try to hide. Amid the chaos, you may forget about the pet and then come to realize your dog or cat is missing; hours later.

• Keys: Another commonly forgotten item includes keys. Remember that spare key you used to hide under the mat in the back of your house just in case you ever got locked out? Make sure to check all drawers, hooks and other places you hide spare keys.

• Notifying Bank & Credit Cards: Make sure to tell your bank and credit card companies you are moving. If they see any suspicious activities, they may freeze your account, which could put your finances in a predicament.

• Food: Get a cooler and put some food in it for the ride to your new house. You’re probably going to be hungry on the way, and once you get there. Clear out the fridge and cupboards so that nothing is left behind for the next people to find – or for the critters after you leave.

• Cleaning Supplies: People typically clean when they move out of an old place, so make sure to check under the sink or anywhere you keep the chemicals, rags, sponges, buckets, etc. used for cleaning. Also check in the bathtub for soap and other hidden items.

• Curtains and hardware: The rods and curtains often get left behind, but you may need them in your new home. Better pack them a few days in advance just to make sure they don’t make the list of forgotten items!

• Items in Storage Areas: Those overhead bins in your garage, attic, basement or closets get overlooked sometimes. As they say, “Out of sight; out of mind.” Check every corner, high and low!

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