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Tips to Help You Negotiate Moving for a Job

Tips to Help You Negotiate Moving for a Job

June 15, 2018

Congratulations, you got a new job! This is a breathtaking opportunity, but before you gleefully say, “Yes!”, you should talk to your new employer about a moving package. After all, you must pick up and move to a new city. If they really want you and the skills you have to offer, most large companies will easily accept the negotiations you put on the table.

The problem is that most people get so wrapped up in the excitement of the new job, they often forget about all the details and expenses of moving! Or, some people are afraid that if they put too many stipulations in the deal, the company might change their mind and hire someone else. You must be confident, secure and okay with this part of the moving process. Look at it this way; the worst they could say is “No”. So, you have nothing to lose. Here are 7 tips to negotiate moving for a job:

1. Approach: Keep in mind you are asking your new employer, rather than demanding. Be friendly, professional, and confident in your requests.

2. Housing: Determine where you will be staying when you arrive in your new town. Will they provide hotel/accommodations or pay for the first month’s rent at a new place for you? It doesn’t hurt to ask.

3. Storage: You may need to store your belongings until you find your permanent residence. If so, ask your employer for 3 – 6 months’ worth of storage rental space.

4. Moving: Hiring a moving company in Mandeville will be your biggest expense, so make sure to negotiate either a partial or whole house transport. You should get an estimate from the Louisiana moving company prior to asking the employer for reimbursement. Keep in mind this is a tax deduction for the employer.

5. Extraneous Expenses: Whenever you move in Hammond, New Orleans, Covington, or beyond the state lines, there will be miscellaneous expenses that occur. Ask for a stipend to cover these out-of-pocket expenses. If you plan it right, you may be able to use this money towards a new house or apartment.

6. Discuss the Relocation Package Before Acceptance: Ask the company if (and what) they offer as part of a relocation package before you accept the position. It will not benefit you and your family if you start off a new job by getting into debt, so explaining this to the new employer is only reasonable.

7. Counter Proposal if Needed: Put everything on paper that you can imagine it will cost to move. If the relocation package is a low offer and it will be more of a setback than a step ahead for your career, don’t be shy about renegotiating.

This is an exciting time for you in your career and with your family in tow, you can make the most of your move to a new city or state. Atmosphere Movers is here to assist you through this momentous time of your life. Get an estimate with no obligation or hassle today, just contact us with the mini form on the home page.

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