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Packing And Unpacking Holiday Decorations

Tips For Packing & Unpacking Decorations For A Relaxing Holiday Season

November 15, 2018

Celebrating the holidays often means family gatherings, food, and lots of decorations. Packing and unpacking tons of decorations can take the excitement out of the holidays, but don’t let this ruin your holiday season or take your holiday spirit. Here are two packing and unpacking decoration tips to save time and make your holidays more enjoyable.

Unpacking Decorations

Choose A Date
Set a date to unpack your decorations. Maybe on a day that you are off work or another specific date when you have to dedicate your undivided attention to this task. It’s best not to try to get everything done in one day, especially if you are the king or queen of decorations with a lot to do. Set aside at least two days to unpack your decorations, especially if you have a ton of them. If not, you may be able to get things done quicker, but still take your time. Give yourself enough time to unpack fragile decorations, such as ornaments, centerpieces, and similar items.

Separate According to The Rooms
If you have a lot of decorations you wish to use, separating them by room can make this task easier and helps with organization. You may want to use certain decorations in a specific room and separating the decorations can help. Having a plan for the decorations takes a lot of the guesswork out of the equation. You may want to start with large decorations, then place or hang the smaller ones.

Packing Decorations

Proper Storage Matters When Packing
When it’s time to store the decorations, all decorations should be stored neatly. Avoid stacking fragile decorations on top of one another. Not stacking these items helps prevent damage and other mishaps.

Make Good Use of Common Household Items For Packing
You will be surprised at how many common household items you can use to help with organizing and storing your holiday decorations. Untangling holiday lights is enough frustration to drive anyone insane. Avoid this hassle and many others by using storage bags. Bags with zippers are the best to use because they can be sealed in a way that moisture, pests, and dust will not become a problem. Use empty egg crates to house your most fragile decorations. Egg crates have grooves and partitioned sections that make storing decorations of all kinds, especially fragile ones.

Here are two packing and unpacking decoration tips to save time and make your holidays more enjoyable.

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