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Moving Out - Things You Don't Want to Forget When You Move Out

Things You Don’t Want To Forget When You Move Out

October 5, 2018

There’s no worse feeling than getting settled in your new home, then realizing you have forgotten some of your essential items. Forgetting these items can be stressful, and you will spend unnecessary money on replacing the items. Here are a few things you don’t want to forget when you’re moving from your current residence.

One of the most important things you can do is create a checklist. (Or use our Smartphone Checklist.) This is something you certainly don’t want to forget. Creating a checklist will help you get organized and help with time management. Packing at the last minute will be frustrating and a guaranteed way to forget the essentials you need for your new home.

Files and Documents
Important files and documents are often left behind because they are not put in a proper, safe place. Forgetting things is common, especially when planning a move. Too often, parents forget their child’s school records and other important documents that could cause delays in getting settled into a new school. These documents are great to put on a checklist. If you’re moving far away to the point you have to switch doctors, make sure you request medical records. You should have them transferred to the new doctor’s office or have a copy of the records printed.

The Essentials Box
One of the things people forget the most when they are moving is the essentials box. This box should contain all the things you need in your new home for at least one week. Depending on how many people are moving to the same home, you may need more than one packing box. The essentials box is your survival kit until you have moved all of your belongings and have unpack everything.

Labeling Boxes
You will be surprised at how much you can forget when the process begins. Labeling boxes is one of those things. You will create more hassle and frustration when you fail to label your boxes. Once these boxes are in your new home and are not labeled, it makes it harder to unpack. You can’t create space, sort things out, or get organized because you don’t know what’s in the boxes and where the boxes belong in your home.

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