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The Difference Between Movers vs. Brokers, Which is Best?

The Difference Between Movers vs. Brokers, Which is Best?

June 5, 2018

Few people understand the difference between moving brokers vs. movers, especially if they do not plan on doing the actual move themselves. Whether you are moving across town or within the state of Louisiana, our Hammond moving company can explain the primary differences between the two. By the time you get through this, you may decide that hiring a moving company in LA is easier if you have the knowledge.

A moving broker is basically a middleman between you – the mover – and the moving company. Moving brokers do not have the equipment, trucks or staff to move. They serve from a sales standpoint to secure the lowest rate for their clients. They may give estimates for a move either through an online platform or via the phone and then collect a “brokerage” fee from the mover. The brokers then put the estimates out for bid to moving companies in Covington, Hammond, New Orleans, or anywhere in the state. The advantage for the customer is that they may save money by getting the lowest price for the move. However, there are certain risks that come with using a moving broker. What if a moving company does not accept the job – either because the bid is too low or perhaps because the customer is too rural – or because the estimate does not match up with the amount of stuff the customer has to move? A client could be left high and dry on moving day in this scenario. Also, some brokers might hire unlicensed or uninsured Mandeville moving companies, which could lead to additional fees and/or inexperienced movers doing the work. It is important to know that all moving brokers in Louisiana and throughout the country, for that matter, must be registered with the FMCSA: The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. They must also give the client a booklet and brochure which outlines the rights and responsibilities of moving. They should also have a list of the moving companies in LA that they use and only hire moving companies in Mandeville that are registered with FMCSA. Moving brokers must also have a written contract with those moving companies, as well as referencing in their marketing materials the actual business location, motor carrier number and broker status that they are not the ones to transport goods. Brokers arrange for the moving services, but they are not the ones to carry out the task.

In contrast, moving companies in Mandeville, New Orleans, Hammond and throughout Louisiana are the ones who accept and carry out the move for the customer. They will give an estimate that is more accurate than the broker’s because they typically visit the house with the customer and can physically see how much stuff there is to move. There is more confidence in hiring a moving company directly, rather than going through a broker.

If you are moving in Mandeville or beyond, it may be worth a few extra dollars to hire a Louisiana moving company directly, rather than going through a broker. They are only in the game to sell the services and make money from the commission, whereas the moving company is the company that will be providing the service and making the effort to please the customer.

Whichever way you choose, make sure you hire the most professional movers in Mandeville that you can afford, while not busting your moving budget. Contact Atmosphere Movers at 866-766-8363 to get a realistic quote today.

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