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5 Ways to Make Moving into Your First Home Less Stressful

First Home | 5 Ways to Make Moving Into New Home Less Stressful

June 21, 2019

Moving into your first home is very exciting, yet can also be equally as challenging. Our Mandeville, LA movers have seen too many people lack the time to enjoy. Take a few steps back and decide on a plan to make your move less stressful, whether you are moving alone, as a couple or as a family. There are so many things to do, but a few of the most important will help you to feel more comfortable and safer in your new home.

As soon as you have received the keys to your new house, you should change the locks on the exterior doors, get the house cleaned up, install new switches and window sashes, and so forth. Do a walk-through of your new home and make a list of everything it needs. You can expect to take a few trips to the hardware store when you first move into a new home.

Use the following expert advice to make the move as smooth as possible.

1. Buying Furniture:
Buying furniture is a must for your new home, but you must not be in a hurry. For example, it is not a good idea to buy everything from one store. We would also not recommend buying the first thing you see. Take your time, so that you can truly have your home decorated the way you like. Decide which furniture is best for your own style and what goes with your home. Take slower steps. If you have a place to sleep and sit, the rest can afford a little patience. You may ask your friends to borrow things they have no use for.

Why do this? Spending a lot of money all at once can cause stress to you and your household budget, so filling the house with new furniture may create a financial burden. Some families are also content with temporary, low-cost furniture found at local thrift stores. Or, you could rent furniture until you know exactly what you want.

2. Know Your Neighbors:
It is important to get to know your neighbors and develop a positive relationship. There is a good chance you will be living nearby for many years, therefore, having a strong, respectful and amicable relationship with your neighbors will give you more patience and clout should any issues arise, such as noise or parking disputes. It also encourages neighbors to respond if they notice anything out of sorts, such as an open gate, potential fire, or trespasser of your property. Neighbors will be more likely to alert you if there is any unusual activity around your home, while you are away. Plus, you never know, the neighbors could become your new bff’s!

3. Repair and Paint:
Unless you are an experienced handyman, you should leave repairs to the professionals. Many new homeowners try to save money by dealing with their own repairs, which can end up costing more time, frustration and hassle if you don’t know what you are doing. This is one of the greatest stress factors of homeowners, so just save yourself the complications and get a quote from someone you trust.

Regarding painting, merely slapping some fresh paint on the wall is not enough to fix any damage. To save time, choose one neutral color for every room; to save time when many rooms need painting.

4. Moving Your Things:
You must have a plan before your things arrive. If you hire a Mandeville moving company, it will make your life easier. You will need some moving supplies and you can mark which room certain boxes should be moved into. In addition to boxes, you can buy a few giant rolls of bubble wrap, newspapers and other lightweight stuffing to pack breakables with care.

It pays to be organized! Get a black marker and start at least a month ahead of your moving schedule. Take one room each day to help you ease extra tension both before and after your move. Atmosphere Movers in Louisiana can also give you a checklist, if needed.

5. Cleanup & Maintenance:
To lessen your suffering in winter or summer, get all the mechanical equipment cleaned up as soon as you move into your new house. If you are moving to a new city, ask your neighbors which companies are reputable and affordable in your area. For example, you can find a good AC & Heating company, utility company and other monthly services just by reading reviews or asking others which ones they prefer. Having these in place will give you peace of mind that your equipment does not let you down when you need it most, like in the middle of a hot summer or cold winter day.

Finally, double-check your finances and stick to your monthly budget. You should really buckle down to make sure your creature comforts and primary necessities are within range, always keeping your mortgage or rent at the top of the list.

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