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Tips for Couples to Make Moving in Together Go Smoothly

Moving Tips for Couples to Make Moving in Together Go Smoothly

September 25, 2019

Moving in together for the first time as a couple is exciting, as well as having many financial, emotional and other benefits. Whether you are newlyweds or just moving in with your partner, it represents a great new beginning and journey from singlehood to coupledom. However, before you hire a moving company in Mandeville, Louisiana to merge your spaces together, there are a few things you should do to prepare.

Taking the time to prepare will save you both a lot of headaches, aggravation and stress when moving in together. Those who will be moving in together hastily often find there is more chaos, often due to having more stuff than they really need. When a home feels cluttered, it can make the transition from being single to being a couple more overwhelming.

These are some tips for couples to make moving in together go smooth:

  • Before actually moving in together, discuss the important things. Finances, where you will live, who will cook, distribution of chores and even minor nuances – such as sleeping with a fan or having to watch a certain TV program – can all be great topics. Make a list of expectations you have and ask your partner to do the same, so that you are both literally on “the same page”.
  • After you decide which one of you will move, or whether you will both go and search for a new place together, you should go to one another’s place and do a complete inventory. It is likely you’ll have two of many things, such as silverware, dishes, furniture items, etc. So, both of you can decide which to keep or sell or donate before moving in together. Selling many things can also help towards saving for your move. It will also cut costs of extra labor and fees charged by your Mandeville moving company.
  • Another detail people rarely think of is the size of their items. Especially furniture items may not fit within the space you have chosen to live in. Measure all items, especially the large ones!
  • Work on a little bit each day. Depending on the size of your dwelling, you will need more time for bigger homes.
  • At least two weeks prior to moving in together, hold your yard sale. Whatever you don’t sell, bring immediately to your favorite local charity reseller. The yard sale will give you some extra money for your move, plus someone else can benefit from the items you no longer need or want to bring with you. It’s a win-win.
  • After your packing, donating and yard sailing, assess whatever you have left and think of friends who you can give things to. It will be a special reminder of you whenever they enjoy the item you have given them.
  • When you’re ready, you can merge your belongings together. If one of you is moving to the other’s dwelling, you can bring them in batches, however, if you are both moving into a new place together, you should keep a similar marking system to make it easier for your Mandeville moving company to sort them out; upon arrival to your new place.
  • Throughout this process, try to be sensitive to one another’s needs. For example, your partner’s lifelong doll collection or stack of comic books might be something they consider valuable and sentimental, so tossing them could make them resentful. Instead, try making gentle suggestions and remind them about your new space restrictions. If appropriate, you could designate individual space for one another at your new home. The ‘man cave’ or home office may be important, or perhaps having a giant closet. Whatever those needs may be, it would be best to allocate separate places, to feel less confined.
  • Finally, get creative about serving the space you do have in your new home. Hang hooks or get built-in cupboards, etc. to accommodate the other person. Compromise is critical to make the transition smooth for couples moving in together.

Another way to make the move smoother – whether you are young loves moving to a new apartment, or newlyweds moving into a newly purchased home – is to hire a moving company to help. It can alleviate much stress and make the whole process memorable for both of you as you start your new lives together as a couple. Atmosphere Movers in Mandeville can be reached at 866-766-8363.

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