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Ideas of Things to Request at a Housewarming Party

Housewarming Gifts Ideas of Things to Request at a Housewarming Party

October 20, 2019

Is it tacky to ask for gifts when sending out invitations for a housewarming party? Perhaps to some, yes, although it really depends on your approach.

Here are some housewarming gifts that are trending right now:

• Try the humor approach. You could write something like, “No gifts necessary, but we’re not turning anything away. :)” Use your witty sense of humor to subtly let people know you need something.

• Writing a catchy poem will let people understand your needs in a non-overbearing or demanding way. Here’s an example:

Well, the Mitchells moved in last week
but we’re up the creek
We forgot to make plans
to bring pots and pans
And Maggie’s old sheets and pillows
Are softer than pussy willows
We have less than some and more than others
So, bring your mom and sisters and brothers
To the housewarming party of the year
For the Mitchells will need good cheer

• Draw a personalized picture and make it funny, perhaps depicting something you don’t have at your house and that you are making do without. For example, you could draw an illustration of the two of you dining at the table without plates to imply that you don’t have any dishes or taking a shower and not having a towel to dry off with. These are just examples; you can use your imagination.

• Use a gift registry. Sometimes, these types of services do it for you. If you feel uncomfortable about it, then just note the RSVP on the invitations and then if people ask what you need, mention the gift registry for housewarming gifts. Or, you could put the card inside the invitation to the store where you are registered.

• Tell a friend or relative. If your mom, sister or someone asks what they can do to help, this is another great way for them to assist. They can tell your party-goers what your needs are, so be specific, yet flexible with your housewarming gifts. For example, your guests may bring the wrong color set of glasses, but who cares? It’s better than not having any cups or glasses at all.

At any rate, the housewarming party comes after the move, so if you know someone who needs a moving company in New Orleans, LA, Atmosphere Movers can be reached at 866-766-8363. We can serve residents throughout Mandeville and Louisiana with the highest quality and most affordable prices in the state.

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