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Helping Your Child Move Away for College

Helping Your Child Move Away for College

July 5, 2018

It seems like only yesterday that your little one was just crawling and walking for the first time. Now that your baby is going to college, he or she will be entering a new world of independence. This is a big change for both parents and the college student, yet also an exciting time to celebrate a new chapter in their lives.

Although right now you might just want to cry and be sad about your child leaving, there are some more important things that must be done to prepare for the move. You should be encouraging, uplifting, and supportive, just as you have done since your child was very little. Help your bright, young student plan the move. If you already know which college they will be attending, and you have already completed the applications and paperwork, next you should pay a visit to the campus. Take a tour with your son or daughter and get familiar with the layout. You will especially want to visit the dorm or the apartment they will be living in, and if you haven’t secured that yet, that is the first step. Next, you will have some things to pack and buy. Have your child sort out the clothes and things they no longer use. If you have time, you can plan a yard sale and use the funds towards buying new things for their new living space. There may be toys, books, clothes and possible other items that they no longer need. But, you should try to leave their room open for them just in case they do need to come home. If they have a bad experience, it is important to feel the support of parents and always know they have a safe place to return, including their own bed and a few of their favorite belongings. Pack the essentials and if needed, you can hire a moving company in New Orleans to move to any college in Louisiana or throughout the US. This is especially important for parents who do not have the room in their personal vehicles to bring a lot of things. A small U-Haul might also work, but you can also contact local New Orleans, Hammond or Covington moving companies to get a quote first.

On the day before moving, pack a survival kit or care kit with the essentials your child will need. Shampoo, phone chargers, a special pillow, favorite snacks, coins for the laundry, drinks, etc. are all good ideas to pack for your college-bound kid. Most importantly, don’t obsess about your child’s whereabouts. Remember that you were once this age and exploring new freedoms. As tough as it is to let go, you can always let your baby know that you are there for them. If you’re lucky, maybe your college student will choose a place that is not too far from home. At least they could stop by for dinner sometime and visit with the family.

If you decide to use a moving company to help your college-aged child move, Atmosphere Movers can help. We handle small and big moves, so don’t be afraid to ask for an estimate and leave the heavy lifting to us!

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