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De-Cluttering the Bathroom

August 19, 2016

When de-cluttering the bathroom, disposing of old and outdated items makes it much easier to find those items you use regularly.

Whether you are getting ready to move or just getting your home more organized, you may be wondering how you acquired so much clutter. While it may seem overwhelming, there are some things you can get rid of today. A room-by-room sweep is a great way to get things in order, however, tackling a room in its entirety can be quite time-consuming. By focusing on just five areas per room, you can make a noticeable difference in the clutter. We will start by de-cluttering the bathroom, since it is less intimidating than a larger room and can be done in less than an hour.

Old Lotions and Soaps
That scented lotion that was so fragrant a few years ago likely isn’t anymore. If it has been in your cabinet for more than three years, you should toss it out. If it isn’t that old but you haven’t used it in six months to a year, remove it from the cabinet. And those soaps you brought home from hotel stays because they smelled nice and were a handy size…toss those out, as well. Read more here for “How long do lotions and powder stay good?”

Many of us are guilty of hanging on to old lipsticks and eye shadows that are either dated, or just no longer being used. Toss the ones you no longer wear or those that have been in a drawer for more than three years.

Old Towels
If your towel cabinet is overflowing, it’s time to make some room. Donate those that are in decent condition but are not often used or don’t fit in with your color scheme. If you own towels that have been washed so many times you can see through them, toss them out. If you’re moving, these can also be helpful when wrapping breakable items and can be discarded at your new home with the other packing materials.

Perfumes and Colognes
Have you ever put on your favorite scent, only to find that it smells more like fingernail polish remover than the fragrance you loved? Scents “go bad” over time and should be discarded when they do. Their shelf life varies based on how they are stored, but a quick sniff will tell you what you need to know. And while some bottles are beautiful, decide if you really want to take up space with a useless bottle.

Old Prescriptions
Check dates on prescription bottles and toss those that have expired. While most are not harmful after the expiration date, they will become less effective.

Now that your bathroom is more manageable, you can more easily pack up those items if you are preparing to move. If you’re staying in your current home, simply give yourself a pat on the back and move to the next room in your home.

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