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Best Moving Hacks Cheat Sheet

Best Moving Hacks Cheat Sheet

May 2, 2018

If you have ever moved before, you are likely aware of how hectic it can be. Studies have shown that moving or relocating can be just as stressful as changing jobs. Luckily, moving is an entirely manageable process. You avoid many last-minute rough spots with these handy moving hacks.

Here’s a list of the best moving hacks:

Two Months Before

Moving Hack: Write everything down. Create a simple record keeping system to keep track of your priorities, description of your boxed contents, supplies that you will need, and any other important information.

Moving Hack: Plan ahead. Familiarize yourself with your new community by gathering information about schools, recreational facilities, parks, and community programs. Keep records of all your moving expenses since many are tax deductible. Obtain an IRS Change of Address form.

Six Weeks Before

Moving Hack: Buy packing materials. These including boxes, packaging tape, garbage/vacuum sealed bags for your clothes and other packing supplies. Buying packing materials directly from your moving company is usually the easiest and best option.

Moving Hack: Keep Valuables in a Safe Place. Keeping your valuable possessions with you is a good idea. You can bury this in one box and label it ”Miscellaneous” or “Misc” to avoid drawing attention. You can also check with your homeowner’s insurance to see how you are covered during the move.

One Month Before

Moving Hack: Stay on top of home sale arrangements. Stay in touch with your realtors on important things such as home inspection or last minute requests from lenders.

Moving Hack: Update your auto insurance policy, if moving to a new ZIP code. If you are changing your insurance companies, use the same insurance company for your home and auto insurance to enjoy special bundle discounts.

Moving Hack: Clean your closets and garage.

Moving Hack: Get owner’s manuals for your new appliances.

Two Weeks Before

Moving Hack: Label all your packing boxes with accurate descriptions of their contents as you begin packing. If you plan to hire a moving company, pack only simple items but leave the heavy-lifting for them.

Moving Hack: Place room labels on each item.

Moving Hack: Place all the cleaning materials that you don’t need in one corner.

Moving Hack: Schedule transfer of service accounts for electric, water, cable etc.

Moving Hack: Backup your computer files.

One Week Before

Moving Hack: Clean your appliances including stove and oven.

Moving Hack: Take photos of your appliances and their wiring systems to make it easier to reassemble them in your new home.

One Day Before

Moving Hack: Clean your refrigerator then defrost.

Moving Hack: Withdraw money for the trip.

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