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Best Apps to Help You Move

Best Apps to Help You Move

May 15, 2018

These days, people use apps on their smart phones and devices for just about everything. It makes perfect sense to help you stay organized, so why not take advantage of apps to help you move?

Atmosphere Movers is on the move in Mandeville, LA! We strive to make the moving process easy and hassle-free for our customers. Our Louisiana moving company gives customers peace of mind that comes with hiring a moving company that cares about your time, budget, and belongings.

Check out these 8 Great Apps to help you move smarter (not harder!):

1. First, start with a great checklist. Todoist is great for creating tasks, and you can even create tasks that cannot be completed. Why would you do such a thing? To make sure you don’t forget or accidentally erase the other important things on the checklist, of course! Wunderlist and Trello are two more app choices which serve similar purposes of creating lists and completing tasks.

2. Finding contractors and/or cleaning companies to do repairs and deep cleaning prior to your move can be done with Angie’s List or TaskRabbit. Both can be viewed and used on Android or iOS devices.

3. Get digitally organized with an app that takes inventory of your belongings as you pack. Sortly is a handy digital organizer that lets you know where you packed your stapler, favorite sweater, or child’s toy. You can also upgrade to a paid account for box labels and to import/export lists of your household inventory. This is also a great idea to have for insurance purposes!

4. Zillow is more than just a place to search for real estate rentals, land and homes for sale. It also gives you great statistics for the new town you are moving to; right down to the neighborhood. You can find out the best schools, crimes that have occurred or locate nearby places to eat. You can compare home values and determine the taxes in your new residence, plus so much more. In fact, many people use Zillow even before hiring a realtor.

5. After you hire a moving company in Mandeville and get into your new house, you may need to find help with anything from painting or landscaping; to cleaning or pool services. Thumbtack is a great app to find such services.

6. An app called MagicPlan allows you to take pictures of your empty, new space and then view the floor plans in 3D. You can then virtually ‘decorate’ and this will help you to know whether that big bedroom set will fit or how those curtains will look with your décor, etc. Be creative with this nifty app!

7. Wanting to make friends and get to know some new people in your new community? Meetup has literally every type of social meeting group your heart desires. You’ll find meetups for Mommy playdates at the park, business networking groups, women-only socials, or book reading clubs, sporting events and much more. Start out by immersing yourself in the new community and it will help you to adjust quickly.

8. MOVED is another popular moving app that serves as a concierge. It matches you with a personal assistant that can help you follow through with every step of the moving process. It works through texts and is free throughout the USA. Moved gets paid from affiliates and referrals, so there is no cost to use the app.

9. Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist are both great places to find gently used furniture items, décor, and many other things you may need in your new residence.

So, there you have it! Once you are finished with an app, you may wish to delete it and get that space back on your device. Some of these apps not only work on iOS or Android, they can be used on watches and tablets, too.

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