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9 Tips to Staging Your Home for the Quickest Sale

9 Tips For Staging Your Home for the Quickest Sale

July 12, 2019

If you are thinking about moving to Mandeville, LA or outside of the area, but first need to sell your home, the first step will require planning and preparing. Staging your home is the first and foremost duty, especially if you want to sell your home quick and at the best price.

Staging A Home To Sell

There are a lot of different ways to make your home attractive for sale. Follow these tips for staging your home to create an eye-catching first impression to prospective buyers:

1. Make your home attractive.
The visitors will have a look upon your entire property, but the exterior landscaping is what they’ll see first. Look at ways of creating a beautiful impression, such as washing the walkways, front windows, porch, as well as cleaning the siding. Of course, keeping a freshly trimmed lawn is also essential.

2. Inviting visitors.
Get an advantage when staging your home. Before showing the house to potential buyers, place a “Welcome Home” sign, above the doorway. Keep a potted plant in bloom and leave the porch lights on, particularly if you are showing the house in the evening.

3. Tidy up and clear spaces.
Clutter is very distracting. Moving any non-essential items out of sight is a goof idea when staging your home. Clearing closets, cupboards, floors, and surfaces will show your home in a better light. On the bright side, this will benefit you when you’re ready to hire a moving company in Mandeville after the house sells. Less clutter is easier for the movers to handle.

4. Decorator’s touch.
Remember clutter is bad when staging a home. Clearing all the clutter is significantly helpful, but you should keep a balance, too. By keeping a balance, we mean the extra attention to detail. Bake cookies or burn a candle to make it smell nice or keep a bowl of lemons beside the sink. Get a few little baskets and décor items, or a favorite cookbook, etc. to decorate the kitchen counter, and so on. Look at each room as if you were a potential buyer.

5. Floors speak volumes.
You must clean your floors, install clean carpets or refinish tiles and/or hardwood floors if they are in poor condition. Remember, wood floors are shiny and attractive to the onlookers. Cleaning should be an obvious part of staging your home. Remember, it ma be a good idea to tidy up prior to your moving day – so clean with moving in mind.

6. Master the bedrooms.
Your bedroom must look clean, free of personal items and tailored. Picture a scene out of your favorite home decorator magazine. The people viewing your home will enjoy the homey feeling. Use clean and crispy linens, tasteful artwork and a folded blanket at the foot of the bed.

7. Clean up the toys.
Potential buyers will visit your home with their kids, however, that does not mean they want to see scattered toys all over the place. Nothing can be more of a turn-off for buyers than a house that looks like a daycare center! Remember, visitors will enjoy the freshness of an organized home, as it represents a fresh start in their lives.

8. Backyard relaxation.
Don’t forget about outdoor living when staging your home. Hanging a hammock in your backyard or a bench swing on your porch will surely attract the lifestyle people are looking for in a home. Make your backyard more natural, too. Plants and greenery are thought to bring a sense of peace to the surroundings, bringing good energy to your buyers.

9. Decorate your extra places.
If you have a room beneath the stairs or alcove anywhere in your home, decorate it uniquely to show visitors the many uses of your space. Storage is something everyone needs more of, so moving attention to the closets and extra storage places is a great plan. Built-in closets with extra drawers, etc. will also increase the value of your home.

Atmosphere Movers knows that selling your home can be bittersweet, as it holds many memories for you and your family. Our professional Mandeville movers can assist with recommendations and planning a move in Louisiana, so call 866-766-8363 to speak with us.

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