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8 Things to Look for in Your Next Office Space

8 Things to Look for in Your Next Office Space

May 10, 2019

Having a comfortable and spacious office space is directly related to your productivity and level of happiness at work. Not only does a proper amount of office space strengthen your mental wellbeing, it can foster a peaceful and happy work environment. Remember, you are spending a longer period in your office some days than at home (unless your office is at home); therefore, it must meet your needs physically and pragmatically.

Consider these 8 things to look for in your next office space, preferably before you commence the first showings:

1. Multi-Purpose Space:
A multi-purpose space in an office ranges from a game room to yoga; or a kitchen to a midday nap room, and so on. With different space requirements that meet the needs for your business, you will get more accomplished than you ever dreamed possible. Plus, you can attract employees by creating a less pressured workplace.

2. The Landlord:
Before you sign a lease for new office space, ask other tenants or people who know the landlord and/or lease company about their reputation. The landlord could be great during the negotiations, but once you are signed in, it might be difficult to break it off.

3. Parking Space:
Ensuring enough parking space for your employees will boost the satisfaction of your company. Just make sure your employees feel truly safe and at home, so they won’t have to suffer in securing convenient and safe parking.

4. Rooms for the Freelancers:
You might have staff who specializes tools for remote teams. In your office, you have got team members who work remotely and so do the freelancers. There are people who telecommute too. For these tech guys, you should ensure lots of spaces.

5. Lease Term:
Decide how long you will need the office space, based upon growth projections. If you are planning for a long-term lease with the company, be sure how strong the bond is. This also depends upon whether your business is a service, retail or other type of establishment. Make sure the terms of the lease coincide with your goals.

6. The Traffic:
Some people looking for office space are searching for a quiet place to work, while others need incoming and outgoing traffic. For example, a medical office might rely more on referrals, thereby needing something off-the-beaten path; whereas a service industry would prefer having greater visibility and traffic from the outside.

7. Individual Rooms:
Find an office space with room to roam, while also giving you ample space individually. Depending on the cost of the square footage, it would be better to have a private office over a cubicle. It would also be great to find a place where employees can chat with their co-workers during their breaks and lunches. Locating comfortable space away from work desks allows employees to relax, bond with one another and rest for a few minutes when needed, which leads to greater productivity and creativity.

8. Your Neighbors:
Before moving into a new office space (or anyplace, for that matter), think about your community. It could be beneficial to find a place that matches you well with other businesses within your industry. For example, a new law firm might find an office space in the same building as a chiropractor. They can exchange referrals, while helping to build each other’s businesses. In contrast, you would not want to choose an office space that is near a loud or competitive company.

Hopefully, you can ensure your next office space will be enjoyable, spacious and exciting to move into. When you are ready to locate a corporate moving company in New Orleans, LA that can help you move into a new office space, our Mandeville movers can be reached at 866-766-8363.

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