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7 Tips to Hire the Best Moving Company in Mandeville

7 Tips to Hire the Best Moving Company in Mandeville

May 12, 2018

People usually associate the month of May with Mother’s Day and flowers. But did you also know that the busiest moving season kicks off in May? May is officially National Moving Month in the U.S.; a time when thousands of homeowners bid adieu to their old homes to start life afresh at a new residence.

There are literally millions of moves that take place in the country in any given year. That’s a lot of moves, with many being over longer distances. This is the chief reason most people prefer hiring a moving company to handle the complexities that come with relocating to a new home. If you live in the Mandeville, LA area, you might think that just by Googling ”Moving company Mandeville” or “Mandeville moving companies” will do the trick. But can you afford to be so pedestrian with your precious belongings, bearing in mind that the BBB (Better Business Bureau) handles more than 7,000 mover-related complaints each year? Most of those complaints stem from lost, stolen, or damaged property while others are tied to unethical practices by moving companies.

If you are looking for an ethical, professional moving company in Mandeville, here are some handy tips to help you.

1. Make Sure the Mover is Licensed
If you are relocating to another state, make sure that the mover has a valid DOT number. The DOT number is a unique license number that is issued by the United States Department of Transportation for interstate movers. You can verify the mover’s DOT number by using this database, a site that is owned and maintained by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

2. Is the Company Insured?
You can check the company’s insurance status on the same website above that you use to check whether it’s licensed. Never use a moving company that is not licensed or insured. You should also check whether your homeowners or renter’s policy covers your personal property during the move. If not, consider supplemental moving insurance.

3. Check with the Better Business Bureau
reputable moving company should be BBB accredited. You can easily check the company’s rating by visiting the BBB website. You can also check the company’s online customer reviews on social sites such as Facebook.

4. Avoid Movers with a Name Switch
Some cheeky movers avoid being assessed by the BBB by doing business under different names. Check whether the company has a local address. Mandeville moving companies should obviously have a local address and preferably offices in the area. Try to find out more about the company’s history and if in doubt, call the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

5. Get Referrals
Referrals are a great way to zero in on a good moving company. Once you have taken the company through the basic checks recommended above, ask your friends, family or coworkers whether they can recommend it. Ask your agent for a referral if you are working with a real estate agent.

6. Get a Thorough Walk-Through
A reputable moving company should perform a thorough walk-through on your property to take stock of what needs to be moved and come up with a fair estimate of the costs. A big component of what Mandeville LA movers charge depends on the weight of your stuff and the space it takes up in the truck. The estimator should not do a rush job when taking inventory of your belongings. It is, however, important to note that the company might decide to charge extra fees due to circumstances such as moving through narrow streets that are not readily accessible by trucks, or moving to/from multi-storied buildings.

7. Watch out for Red Flags
Watch out for red flags during the estimation process. Does the moving company ask for a cash deposit up front? Most reputable and professional Mandeville moving companies won’t ask for a cash deposit before you move. A professional moving company should also ideally have its own equipment.

If you reside in the St. Tammany Parish area and are looking for ethical packers and movers, then look no further than Atmosphere Movers. We are native to the Mandeville, Louisiana area and pride ourselves for having built our business over the past two decades mainly on referrals and repeat business from our happy and satisfied clients.

We specialize in full-service moves and everything-in-between. We have a highly skilled team to help you seamlessly move your antiques, pianos, and pool tables. We strongly believe that a moving company should be ethical, honest, and professional, and that’s exactly what you get with us. You can view our excellent rating on BBB and Facebook.

We serve not only the St. Tammany Parish area but the entire Louisiana area as well. If you are moving around the Northshore or Greater New Orleans area, Atmosphere Movers would love to be of great service to you! Get your FREE quote by calling (866) 7MOVE-ME / (866) 766-8363 or email info@AtmosphereMovers.com

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