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7 Brilliant Ways to Declutter Your Space

7 Brilliant Ways to Declutter Your Space

August 5, 2018

After you live in a place for a while, it can accumulate ‘stuff’. People tend to have trouble parting with things. It could be a pile of junk mail you’ve been meaning to get to, clothes you think you might want to wear again someday, or toys you think the kids will want to play with and love again. To you, it may look like important things, but to people coming over, it might look like clutter.

Being buried in clutter can make you feel disorganized. So, how can you get unburied from the clutter? You’ll have to tackle it in your own way, and despite being busy, you can find the time to get out from underneath the piles. Our New Orleans moving company sees this happen quite often, so we want to help by offering these 7 tips to declutter your life:

1. Commit to one section each day for 30 days. In just one month’s time, you will see a noticeable difference in the cleanliness of your home. But rather than taking on the overwhelming challenge all in one day, you can do a little bit every day. For example, one day you could choose the kitchen cupboards. Another day, you could choose the kids’ closets. Then your closet, the den, etc. until you have done every section of your home. Also, don’t forget about the garage!

2. Sorting out the piles using the power of 5. Using the above technique, you can slowly sort out those things you’ve been ‘meaning to get to later’. People accumulate clutter because they often have intentions of using it later. Before you start each section, take out 5 pieces of paper and write on each:
a. Keep b. Trash c. Donate d. Sell e. Put Away or Store
Next, start sorting! Hold up each item and put it on one of the 5 piles you have started. Before you know it, you’ll have everything under wraps. You may also find things you have been looking for that were lost!

3. Follow through. After you make the 5 stacks each day, then you can immediately take the piles away and move them to their designated spots. Take the trash out, bring the donations to the Salvation Army, and relocate the items that are unsightly. Sell items you don’t have use for by using an app such as Facebook Marketplace, eBay, or make a yard sale section in your garage to have one after your decluttering is complete.

4. Invest in some pretty boxes, totes, or shelving. Sometimes the simple reason people get lost in clutter is because they don’t have anywhere to put it. You can get creative with storage. For example, using ottomans that hold toys or stuff inside, coffee tables with drawers, entertainment centers with doors, bookshelves, or even totes to hide the messes.

5. Give something away, every day. Not only will you make people happy by doing this, but it will help you to get rid of things you are no longer using.

6. Sort out you and your family’s clothes. This is one area that people have a hard time with. People sometimes hang on to their clothes for years, thinking that one day they might wear them again. However, as you dig deep into the back of the closet, you may find some items that you’ve either never worn or that no longer fit. Put the clothes you wear most on top and take out everything in the closet (yes, everything!), then hold it up and decide on each item. It might be time consuming, but your clean closet will be worth the effort!

7. Pretend you have company coming over. One sure way to get your home looking spiffy is to invite someone important over to your house. It would be embarrassing to have them see a lot of clutter, so this may inspire you to get busy and get cleaning! Better yet, invite them for a specific day and this will give you a real deadline to get this accomplished!

Using these methods will certainly make your house look a lot better. If you are moving in Mandeville, New Orleans, Hammond, Covington, or anywhere in Louisiana, the need to declutter has never been more pressing. Atmosphere Movers can help, so contact us for a free estimate today.

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