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5 Important Things to do When Planning a Move

5 Important Things to do When Planning a Move

March 5, 2019

During a move, it is easy to overlook some of the finer details. This is normal! It is just part of the hustle and bustle of moving, whether you are moving in Mandeville, New Orleans, or beyond. Follow the tips below and you will be less likely to forget things during your Louisiana move.

1. Planning Your Move: Create a Checklist
It goes without saying that you will be very busy during your household move. You may not have time to organize or remember everything. It is best to make a checklist at least one or two months prior to your move. You can also find some pre-made checklists online. Some of these checklists will include what to do and how far in advance it needs to be done, which can help you to avoid errors and forgetfulness. Include what you want to move, how you should move it, and whom you will choose as your moving company in Louisiana.

2. Packing: Clearly Mark Boxes
Before you could tape the boxes shut, it is important to label them with the room they go in. “Bedroom” or “Master Bath” will help the moving company to know where to set your boxes down in the next house. For your own purposes, you can go the extra mile by marking them with a subtitle. This will streamline your ability to get your rooms up and organized most efficiently. For example, you could mark the box: “Home Office: Bookcase Items” and this way you will know exactly what is inside the box and where it goes. This can save you a ton of time and frustration

3. Moving Survival: Pack an ‘Open-First’ Box
There will be essentials that you need most. You may arrive at your new home before the Mandeville moving company does, but rest assured they are not far behind. In the meantime, your survival box can be packed with the most essential items. Some ideas for things to pack within this box include:
• Snacks and water bottles
• Phone, charger, pen drive or some other electronics.
• Cleaning supplies
• Toilet paper and napkins, paper plates, cups, etc.
• A few non-perishable food items
• Pet food and dish
• Child’s favorite toy/blanket
• Flashlight, batteries, etc.

4. People: Don’t Forget to Say Goodbye
Your relatives and most of your friends already know you are moving. However, don’t forget about the caregivers and other people you see every day. Your neighbors, the mailman, babysitters, etc. Don’t forget to say goodbye and if appropriate, you can give a card, baked goods or small gift.

5. Pets: Making the Move Easier for Your Fur Babies
Just like people, pets get stressed about moving. They like routines and feeling comfortable, so it may be difficult for your cat, dog or other types of pets to adjust. Many pets have a hard time enduring a long journey and getting acclimated with a new environment. You may notice strange behaviors before and after the move. You should consult with your pet’s vet to get their records and obtain advice about how to make the move easiest for your pet.

Finally, it is also important that you take care of your children on the day you are moving. You might want to ask relatives or friends to help you watch them so that you can devote most of your attention to the packing and laborious tasks of moving.
Hiring a moving company in Mandeville will make your move less stressful. Atmosphere Movers is ready to give you a helping hand. Call 866-766-8363 for a quote and personalized attention. Follow the tips above and you will be less likely to forget 

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