Moving Tips: Moving With Cats

Cats can be quirky. Moving can be challenging. The combination is not for the faint of heart, but there are a few key points to consider that may help things go smoother when moving with cats.

Many pet owners treat their “babies” like real children. Heck, some even throw parties for them and dress them up. So why not take some special consideration when turning their whole world upside.

Here are some great ways to make the trip easier on our little furry friends (via WebMD):

1) Don’t just cram them in the carrier and go. Just as with dogs, allow your cat(s) to get used to being in the carrier for a few minutes of adjustment time. Maybe put a nice treat in there with them. After enough time has elapsed and they don’t seem to be on the defensive, load them into the car.

2) Once you move, keep the daily grind the same as before. Make sure they eat at the same time, and that you love on them in the same manner. Don’t let your routine get too disrupted, or they will sometimes leave little surprises on the floor for you.

3) Keep your cat(s) closed in a safe room (bathroom, etc) during the move so that they don’t run for the hills.

4) Also, don’t attempt to let them ride with you in the car — always use the carrier. If your cat gets too spastic during the trip, you could end up with some nasty scratches or worse.

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