childproofing 101

Moving Tips: Childproofing 101

Folks in the older generations despise it, laugh at it, and love to repeat things like “…we didn’t do that, and you turned out just fine.” But most modern parents know, childproofing is a must, or the consequences can reach far beyond a few tears.

Slammed fingers, pinched skin, bumped heads, and loose teeth — oh my! Those are just a few of the injuries that parents of toddlers, preschoolers, and even older kids deal with. But the sad reality is that the damage to little bodies and minds can be far more severe without the right precautionary steps.

childproofing 101

Piece of mind. One of the most beautiful things about proper childproofing is that you can actually kick back on the couch and let them run amok. That’s because with all of the proper safety door locks in place, they will be contained in the area of your choosing. It allows the child more freedom, and thus, more enjoyable and productive play time. After all, the important things they learn while playing are actually critical to development.

The cost. One major complaint of new parents, or those who resist the idea of making their homes safe for young children is the cost. Sure, it can be a tad expensive to purchase what is needed, but so can a hospital visit — or even legal fees. Think about it, the cost to defend yourself in a potential child neglect case because your medicine cabinet was somehow reached by your little Spiderman could be astronomical. That cost would far exceed even the bill of a few hundred dollars to make things right. Not to mention the immeasurable cost of not having to see your little one suffer.

The basics. What you really need is to avoid worst case scenarios:

  • Cabinets can be secured with plastic locking devices that can either be affixed to the inside, or locked into place around the knobs
  • Areas with steps or dangerous pieces of furniture can be blocked with easy-to-install baby gates
  • Corners of furniture can be padded with rubber insulators to avoid nasty bumps
  • Tile and brick can be padded with interlocking puzzle-pads
  • Door handles can be secured with baby-proof grips
  • Glass windows can be secured with clear film to avoid being smashed by flying toys
  • Electrical outlets can be covered with semi-permanent covers that still allow functionality
  • Toilet lids can be locked with special a special apparatus
  • Heavy furniture can be secured to walls with brackets in case of climbing

Put the effort in, and rest easier.

Good luck!