Moving Tip Of The Week: Braving The Heat

braving the heat

Moving in places like Baton Rogue can be insanely hot this time of year. The humidity, the direct sun, and the lack of a nice breeze make it almost unbearable. But the issue can be much more severe than an uncomfortable feeling – it can actually be dangerous.

The danger posed by dehydration, overheating, and other heat related health issues is real, especially for pets, children, and the elderly. You may have a perfectly organized move, but don’t put yourself at risk by forgetting to care for your body.

A few simple tips to avoid trouble, include:

1) Stay hydrated in the days leading up to your move. Hydration is not only about “the day of,” but more like “the week of.”

2) Take frequent breaks. If you are exerting yourself in the extreme heat, you can put yourself at risk of overheating.

3) Keep your pets hydrated and in the shade. Animals need fluids and shelter just like any human being would.

4) Consider sun block. If you are spending long periods of time in the heat, you might actually end up with a sunburn. It isn’t just on the beautiful Gulf beaches that you will get burned, so take care of your skin.

Summers are hot and not just for Baton Rouge Movers like us! Enjoy the success of a great move without falling victim to the severe heat wave we’re facing this summer. Happy moving!