landscaping concerns

Moving Tip: Landscaping Concerns

Sometimes it isn’t the dream of every family to live in a stand alone, single family home. In fact, millions of people prefer to dish out a fee every month to have someone else manage the exterior — and even interior maintenance — of their property. Landscaping concerns should be considered when choosing where to move.

landscaping concerns

Often times homeowners feel pressure to keep their yard and plants in pristine condition to stay up with the neighborhood norms. No one wants to be that one house with the overgrown lawn (obviously in a deed restricted situation there isn’t much choice).

With that said, are you going to be that guy/gal? Let’s hope not, but it will cost you. Doing the work yourself creates the need for working equipment, gas, and the almighty, invaluable TIME.

Conversely, paying for lawn care (for most families) is a major expense. It must be worked into the projected budget prior to your move.

So which choice pays off? Opting for condo/apartment/town home? Doing the work yourself? Or seeing to it that your budget will allow for professionals to do the dirty work?

Best of luck!