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Moving Swing Sets and Jungle Gyms

We all know that the more high end playground equipment can sometimes help sell a house, but there is another side to the coin. The lovely gremlins who inhabit your backyard may not allow you to leave them behind. When done carefully, moving swing sets and jungle gyms can be done without real damage.
moving swing sets
Consider the effort. If the swing set is an older model and is somewhat damaged or worn, leave it behind! There is no sense in tearing it down and having it hauled if it is on its last legs. Instead, think about throwing a coat of paint on it or removing and repairing rusted areas so that it might actually add value to your home sale.

Worn out hardware. Sometimes, older nuts and bolts can get rusty and lose their malleability.  In that case, breaking down the set may actually cause serious damage. You may also find yourself with some serious refurbishing if you hope to use it when you arrive at point B. Take a good look at it and make a sound decision.

DIY or go pro. Now you are faced with the final decision. Can you take it apart, keep the hardware and parts in organized places for reassembly? Or should you hire a specialty service to disassemble and move it for you? All of those elements boil down to your ability as a craftsman (or craftswoman). Think carefully, and of course, consider the expense that will go along with hiring a pro.

Be safe, and good luck!

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