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Moving Summer Outdoor Toys and Equipment

Many families rely on the convenient approach to sun bathing in kiddie pools or allowing their families to enjoy special sprinklers or slip-and-slides. But depending upon the product and type, moving moving summer outdoor gear can be a challenge.

Keep them dry. As with any outdoor toy, keeping them dry is essential. Even smaller pools can be ruined after a few uses if you allow the sludge and mud to settle in. Instead, it needs to be sprayed off and dried for an entire day of sunshine. This is true of inflatable equipment like jumpers and bounce houses. Fully aired out and dry equipment is lighter and easier to manipulate into packages.
moving summer outdoor
Original storage. Keeping that huge, colorful duffel bag that your kid’s bounce house came in turned out to be the best thing you could have done. Once it is dry, you can roll it into a nice ball, fold it several times and heave it into the bag. Take caution, because these things can be quite heavy once they are bagged up. Plastic swimming pools and inflatable water gear can be drained and rolled into shape to fit into the original boxes, too. If you have lost them over the years, you can simply pack them into strong, reinforced cardboard boxes.

Open immediately. Once you reach your destination, there will be a number of important things to do. But after you get settled, consider opening up some of the outdoor toys that you know you will be using. Leaving them packed away can cause whatever tiny amount of moisture there may be to fester and get funky. Air them out if possible, right away.

Happy moving!
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