Small Children and Moving

Moving With Small Children

Tips For Moving With Small ChildrenMoving with small children can be a nightmare. With these tips you can make it easier for you and them!

Let Them Help: Let the kids help when possible. Have them help pack their toys, clothes and other kid friendly items. Let them help move boxes if they aren’t too heavy. The more small children feel like they are apart of the moving process, the better they will feel.

Introduce Them to Their New Home: If you live locally, bring them over to the new house when you can, let them explore their new yard and neighborhood. If you’re moving long distance, show them pictures of their new home, make maps of the neighborhood, research things to do in their new town. Knowledge is power, and giving them this knowledge lets them feel more in control.

Special Toys and Comfort Items: Don’t pack these, let the kids keep them out until the very last minute and pack them in something that can be carried with them and not on a moving truck. Also let them unpack these items as soon as they get to their new home.

Childen First: Set up their bedrooms and any other kid friendly areas first. Don’t change the theme of their room and try to put things in the same places they were in their old room. This helps the kids become familiar with their surroundings quickier.

Read Stories About Moving: Reading stories about other children moving is a great way to help children work through their fears and concerns. Check out our list of children’s books about moving!

Hire A Sitter: On moving day, hire a sitter or see if the kids can go to grandma’s or a friend’s house for the day. This keeps them out of the way of all the people helping you move heavy furniture and boxes. It also keeps them safer since you will be busy and distracted.

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