moving with seniors

Moving With Seniors: Tips

Once you’ve decided to let the muscle work be handled by members of the Atmosphere Movers team, your focus can conveniently narrow to getting yourself and your family members to the destination safely. But if you are a senior or have a senior in your care, there are special considerations to be made. Moving with seniors can be done efficiently by following a few simple tips.
moving with seniors
Medications. Many seniors rely on daily medications, but moves that fall into the frenzied mode can cause confusion and lead to items being left behind. If the move is a far one, it is essential to have the meds that are needed. Catalog them into a list with the names of the medications and check off each one. Bring them with you, not with the movers, in an organized container or bag. Also, be sure to have the prescriptions transferred to the local pharmacy at your new location.

Equipment. The essentials that give seniors a good quality of life might seem like a trifle to some, but they keep many people going on a daily basis. Ensure that canes, walkers, and other medical apparatus are considered before even walking out the door. You really don’t want to be stuck waiting for an unload of boxes to find what is needed to get by comfortably.

Comfort Items. Much like the equipment above, there are smaller items that can make things difficult when misplaced. Reading glasses, the right pair of shoes to reduce bone or joint pain, and bathroom supplies are critical. Don’t get caught having a long day that could have been better simply because you were caught in a rush.

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