Understanding Moving Insurance

Atmosphere Movers will gladly move items packed by the customer, but cannot offer insurance coverage on those items.

“Valuation” Liability

“Valuation” Liability is mandated by the US Department of Transportation, and establishes a value for all lost or damaged household goods at only sixty cents per pound per item. For insurance purposes, this policy is provided by Atmosphere Movers at no extra cost to you, however, in is important to understand “valuation” liability is NOT sufficient insurance. 

Example:”Valuation” liability often fails to cover the actual replacement cost of your goods. For instance, if a ten-pound personal computer worth $500 was lost or destroyed, you would only receive $6.00 (60¢ x 10 lbs.). For this reason we recommend that you obtain Replacement Value Insurance.

Replacement Value Insurance

This type of insurance should cover the full, true replacement value of your goods. If you have renter’s or homeowner’s insurance, you may already be covered, or may be able to purchase an inexpensive rider. Simply check with your insurance agent prior to your move.

If you choose to purchase relocation insurance you should expect to receive at least the following:

  • Full replacement value coverage
  • 90-day guaranteed claim resolution

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