Common Moving Myths: Part 1

moving mythsWhen it comes to assumptions, moving companies aren’t exempt. In fact there are some pretty common moving myths that you may be surprised at. Check out our list and see if you can add to it.

All movers cost about the same!

FALSE. The final moving cost can be very different depending on the company you choose. Just because a company advertises as cheap, doesnt mean they wont slam you with hidden fees. You want to go with a trusted company, such as ourselves. We have been a Mandeville moving company for over 20 years! A cheap moving company may end up costing you more than a reputable moving company – it is a common moving scam to increase the final moving costs in the last minute.

Boxes are all the same!

FALSE! This is like saying all toilet paper is the same. One ply is not as strong as two ply. Professional moving boxes are more durable and are made to transport heavy items and protect your belongings. Grocery store boxes can tear apart if you overload them, especially produce boxes that are not meant to carry weight. If you are not wanting to purchase boxes, try liquor stores and libraries and pack the heavy items in small size moving boxes and the dishes in dish-pack boxes.

I have to ride in the truck with the movers!

UM, NO!!! There is no reason to ride with the movers. The movers have GPS so they won’t get lost and you can follow, or lead, the way. No need to ride with them! Hope in your car and turn up your tunes, make your move fun!

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