tips and advice on moving to Louisiana

Moving to Louisiana – Tips and Advice

Moving to Louisiana is very exciting. We live in a fantastic state fulled with history, culture and fun activities for people of all ages. But there are definitely some things to keep in mind to make sure your move is an easy one.moving to louisiana

Tips and Advice When Moving to Louisiana

Do your research prior to moving, Louisiana is a Southern state and it’s the 25th largest state in the country when it comes to population. New Orleans and Baton Rouge made the list of the safest cities, which may come as a surprise due to its tourism.

If you an, try to plan to move in the fall or winter. Summers are quite hot and sticky and make for a tough transition. If you do move during the summer, be prepared. Make sure you have fans and plenty of water to keep cool.

Likewise, if you need to store things of delicate nature, make sure that your storage is climate controlled.

If possible, do some research of the area prior to moving, take a little trip and check out your new neighborhood. Find local shops, the hospital, doctor, grocery stores, gas station and pizza. You’ll find this info useful when you move in. And then go have some fun, enjoy the food, music, art, history and get to know your new state!

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