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Moving In With Friends: Moving Tips

Moving in with friends sounds like a wonderful idea — until you have experienced it, first hand. It has the potential to really ruin relationships if not managed properly. Here are a few strong ideas for keeping things cordial and avoiding the loss of a valuable compadre.
moving in with friends
Buy a white board. Yes, a white board. Get a screw gun and tac that thing to the wall somewhere near the kitchen as soon as you move in. Have the roommates gather and discuss what is expected of everyone. Write it out with clearly defined roles and tasks, which can be checked off when complete. It will keep things clear and comfortable, even for the more flaky types.

Use an online spreadsheet. Create a Google Drive (or similar) account for all of the roommates. This will be the Holy Grail of who pays what portion of the utility bills. Due dates and balances can be updated in real time, and each person can check in to see what’s what. Financial issues can damage friendships just like they can damage marriages.

Have regular meetings. Just like a business relationship, a face to face is priceless. Get the roommates together to have an open forum. Toss a ball around and let each person have an uninterrupted time to have the floor. Resolve issues like grown ups and with calm discourse, or else you could end up footing their portion of the bills if they storm out.

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