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Moving In Together For the First Time

moving in together for the first timeYou’ve found the love of your life, your Mr. or Miss Right. Now you are talking about moving in together for the first time. It’s crazy, scary, exciting and fun all wrapped into one big ball! Here are some tips to help making moving in together as easy as it can be!

PURGE: I know we say this all the time! However, purging is the first process of any move. Chances are you both have furniture, kitchen gadgets and other needed household items. Do you really need two of everything? Can your new apartment fit two of everything? Decide together what you are going to sell, donate, and trash. Be respectful of sentimental items each of you have, but remember more stuff equals more money and will cost your more to move or store.

Finances: Discussing your finances is the most  important part of moving in together. You need to be honest with each other about how much money you each have coming in every month. You need to discuss your personal bills such as student loans, car insurance, gas, etc. You need to discuss who is going to pay for what. Are you going to split everything 50/50 or base it off of who makes more?  Once you figure this out make a budget and stick to it! Remember what is fair when it comes to money isn’t always equal.

Chores: Another important topic to discuss is household chores. Is one of you a neat freak and the other a slob? Does one of you have a certain way a task has to be completed? Are you better at cooking than your girlfriend? Do you not want him ever washing your clothes?  The time to discuss and divide the chores is before you move in together to avoid this becoming a HUGE issue.

Ground Rules: Establish ground rules before you move in together. Do either of you have certain religious preferences? What about bathroom privacy? Sides of the bed? Decide how you will handle friends spending the night. What TV shows must be watched or DVR’d and not deleted. Having some rules will make things go more smoothly.

Spend Time Apart: Just because you live together doesn’t mean you aren’t still your own person. Make sure to keep some of your own hobbies that you do without your other half. Go out with the girls or guys once in a while. Spending time apart will make you miss each other and enrich the time you spend together better.

Date Each Other: Life is busy and it’s very easy to fall into a rut of takeout, Netflix and yoga pants. Dating each other will help keep the romance alive, which equals a happy couple!

With a lot of patience and a little bit of compromise, moving in together can be the best time of your lives!

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