Moving In the Summer Heat

Summer in New Orleans is often described as oppressive soup. The mix of the humidity and heat makes summer almost unbearable. Not only can this be uncomfortable but it can also be dangerous! Here are some tips to help make moving in the summer heat more bearable and less dangerous.

Moving in the summer heat

1. Stay Hydrated! Not just the day of your move but on the days leading up to your move.

2. Start early! It’s usually cooler in the mornings so starting early will avoid the hottest part of the day. Try to avoid moving because the hours of 12-3pm.

3. Dress correctly! Loose, light-colored clothing will reflect the sun and allow your skin to breathe, which will keep you cooler.

4. Take breaks! Take a break in the shade or in the AC to cool off if you start to get overheated.

5. Stay cool! Put a wet towel around your neck to help reduce temperatures. Another trick is to put a wet wash cloth in the freezer overnight to freeze it, use the icy towel through out the day to cool down.

6. Hire us! Our movers are experienced in moving in the summer heat of Southeast Louisiana. Let us do the heavy lifting. Call us (866) 7MOVE-ME / (866) 766-8363, email, or fill out this form for a FREE quote!

7. Beware! Know the signs of heat exhaustion and seek help if you start to experience them.

Have a great summer and happy moving!