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Moving in New Orleans During Rainy Season

Moving anywhere is tough, but in the state of Louisiana, you can count on some severe weather occasionally. Heavy rain and thunderstorms can put a major damper on even a relaxing day out, and it can bring moving completely to a crawl if you let it. Moving in New Orleans during rainy season can be a challenge, but there are a few tips that can help keep you and your belongings dry.moving tips

Plan, plan, plan. There are obvious times of year to avoid if possible, even though they are the most common for moving. July is probably the biggest moving month, even though it’s insanely hot and very rainy. If you insist on moving during the hottest, wettest month, just become a pro at watching the 7-day forecast. Find a reliable meteorologist and see if you can’t arrange the move on a day with below 30% chance of rain.

Protect from moisture. Sometimes a light rain won’t stop the whole show. You may be able to pull off a move in a light rain or even rain that comes and goes. The only trouble will be the risk to your items. The moisture is intensely bad for delicate items and collectibles. They must be packed and stored properly to avoid damage that could be irreparable.

Watch flood zones. Even areas with sufficient drainage are subject to flash floods. Get to know the area you plan to move to, and try to learn where the water collects. You can plan your move to avoid certain routes during rainy season. This may sound like overkill, but this particular plan could also affect which home you choose. It may give you perspective to help avoid flood damage and costly repairs.

Best of luck and be safe!

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