Moving In Baton Rouge: Feel At Home Scavenger Hunt For Kids

Baton Rouge: Feel At Home Scavenger Hunt For KidsIt’s important to take the time to let your children become acquainted with their new home. It will help them during the big change, especially if it is their first move. One fantastic family friendly idea to help everyone feel at home after moving in Baton Rouge is to have a scavenger hunt — Louisiana style.

After everything is unpacked and the truck pulls away, it’s all yours. Your new home and all of the hard work that got you there. It’s a great time to pull the family together and try to bond in the new digs.

Find a nice group of Louisiana themed items. If you are in Baton Rouge, you won’t want to forget your LSU items.

Tape cut-outs or pictures of the following items to different walls throughout the house (including in safe-for-kid’s closets). Have the kids keep a small checklist with the item and what room they found it in. The first to find them all and record their results wins!

1) LSU Tiger’s flag

2) Louisiana state outline shape

3) New Orleans Saints fleur-de-lis symbol

4) A treble clef symbol (representing jazz)

5) A Saxophone (representing rich musical heritage)

6) Craw-dad cut out (culinary heritage)

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